Clean Glasses!

Posted on April 11, 2010 in Society

Radhika Ghose:

I learnt it young, some learn younger & some will never,
They once “Acted” like I was one of Them – but I never was
And the wound still bleeds


Struggle to be noticed
And when we are, we dont
Its a name, a wealth
Something that will even last beyond you
Its a Want

The Need
We Crave for, yet will always remain alien to us
And when its given, is given as a token
Accepted, but never given from the heart

But you’re not. You shouldn’t be.
Who’s anyone to tell you, “you’re gone”?
Its a Trap.A Game
And when you lose, you Lose

Loneliness, a disease
of the worst kind, if it possesses you -when
The pain defines you
But Shelters.

protectors, we’re not hiding behind them
We just aren’t ready to face the world.

And when WE step out; they’ll see
That all they needed were