Dreams and Mascara! [Ladies Special]

Posted on April 11, 2010

Tanaya Singh:

We can be brunette or fair and sometimes dusky or blonde,
We have got lots to share and loads to flaunt.
Be it in boardroom attires or an evening gown,
There’s an audacious girl heading towards the winning crown.

Meet us–the ubiquitous gang of girls,
We are not immured by ostentatious diamonds and pearls.
A group that fiercely opposes moochers,
And can send you to jail if you are a looter.

They say gals have a lot hidden behind those mascara eyes,
Dude, we call them ambitions or dreams, to touch the sky.
They prefer giving fragile and flimsy chores to these manicured hands,
I say we can conjure skyscrapers out of destroyed lands.

We are often called woolgatherers and stargazers.
But believe me; our pipe dreams help us be astute like lasers,
Cause once we boomerang out of our thoughts,
We start work and undo all knots.

Sometimes we love gossip and hate soccer,
We can be garrulous as well as groovy public talkers.
At times we hate gossip and become die-hard fans of soccer,
Or you may find us amongst lot of excited movie watchers.

We aspire, we inspire, we desire, we acquire.
We learn, we earn, we yearn and we never turn.
With felicity, audacity, agility and peculiarity,
Our confidence gives us a lot of virtuosity.

Our power has helped us reach the refulgent horizon,
Our enticing exuberance spreads like sweet poison.
We are the gang of girls,
We are not immured by diamonds and pearls.

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