FB Question of the day: Should Sania and Shoaib be given so much of media glare?

Posted on April 6, 2010

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Yesterdays question was “Should Sania and Shoaib be given so much of media glare?”

Parul Sabherwal says:

“it is very unfortunate to see the media covering thsi issue 24/7 though I m sure we have better news to discuss.. but celebrities in our country are always treated as god and this is a combination of two things: one is sania bing a celebrity and the other is Shoib being a PAKISTANI celeb. so this was bound to happen.
Aman Ki Aasha!”

Shruthi Venukumar says:

“Add a lil bit of Ayesha/Maha to it n d potboiler effect gives it an all-time high rating. Kaash isme Aman ka miniscule sa bhi role hota.

Ultimately, media glare is spared only for what the public is interested in. why wud news channels flash something day in and day out if there r no takers. refine public tase n bingo…this question wudn’t even have to be asked.”

Ridhi Aggarwal says:

“waevah seriously .. actualli dese ppl can’t realli do much abt d mre serious issues .. n still ave to keep up d “tRP” .. wt else cud be btr dan js stupid insignificant controversies to keep d public glued !!! MORONSS”

Divyani Diddi says:

“No. Even where public figures are concerned, there is a certain personal boundary that cannot be crossed. Who an individual chooses to marry, on what grounds and what his married life has been prior to his apparent current wedding plans, is none of our concern. As ours is none to them. Privacy in a liberal democratic country like ours needs to be respected. Be it our own (Sania Mirza) or that of our neighbours (Shoaib Malik).”

Ridhi Aggarwal says:

“well said .. mre over i thnk dere r mre heavy, significant, n rather imp issues to be thrwn limelight on rather whose gettin hooked up wid whom .. !!!!!!! y dun ppl undrstand dat ?? ”

Archit Pandey says:

“Agree 100% with Ridhi! Hasn’t Media gotten the responsibility to cover ‘really important’ things/issues rather than the gossips!?”

Rohan Seth says:

“hey I think its just the concept of demand and supply.Majority of people would prefer to watch the sania-shoaib saga than say for example people suffering in the North-east.So should they be given so much media glare?may be not but unfortunately that is what people want to see.”

Anish Garg says:

“second to diddi..wel said…nw a days media cares abt to jst pick a celebrity..unveil its secrets nd believes it is helpful to raise its TRP….
@rohan wel u hv a gud point…bt dere is more who r interested in some worthy issues rather than this crap…people wil watch nly wat u r showin dem….its on media to giv coverage for more imp issues”

The response on our Question of the day about the media coverage being given to Sania and Shoaib was a mix and match of views. But the bigger question is, what do you think? Do you agree with the fact that the two sports players are getting more than required media coverage?

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