First Love!

Posted on April 23, 2010

Anmol Rajpurohit:

It was
The most beautiful thing in the world
In my heart
A rose unfurled

Love until then
Had in me slept
And now he woke
In joy he wept

The two of us got closer
We felt and people said
Indeed it seemed to me
that we were in heaven made

I always wished
These moments they never pass
I should’ve known
It was too perfect to last

Slowly the spell broke
And so did our love
I was desperate
I tried, seeked help from above.

But what I cherished most
You took away from me
Away from us
Yet so totally

Oh did you ever think
What we could be
I saw my dreams
Crashing before me

I wanted to warn you
Closed heart it never did
And you never felt it
Lost in your superiority

All was a farce
I felt vehemently
But the fool I was
I could never speak

And fool were you
You no longer believed
That someone as me
Could be your destiny

But my writ
Is written by me
So I wont blame you
For my indignity

All I need
Is to believe in me
Something thats too much
To ask of thee

Not long before
I was He
Now how can he
Desert me?

I will rise again
I will be me
What you have lost
You will see.

But I haven’t dropped
That rose still
Its scent lingers now
And always will…

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