Fly Away!

Posted on April 22, 2010

Tanaya Singh:

Make a move and
Open all the gates.
Veil away yours fears, to
Enlighten your fate. Go
Rekindle those desires to
Shimmer like the fire.

Adhere to your wishes….
Nurture your dreams….
Dare to say — “I want to gleam”

Search, peek, peep and seek for more,
Hues all around are waiting to be explored.
Approach, reproach, go out when you get bored.
Keep working for all that should be yours.
Express yourself in your own way….
Risk everything to feel that ray….
Spread your wings wide, and fly away. JJ

PS: This form of poetry is called ACROSTIC i.e., a poem in which certain letters of the lines, usually the first letters, form a word or message relating to the subject

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