Grade Down

Posted on April 16, 2010

Jubin Mehta:

Being served a bland plate;
The system in an impasse.

Is it me who is ignorant?
Or am I seeing the right picture?

Blank faces staring at empty blackboards,
The filled up boards staring back at them.

Is it my lack of aptitude?
Or am I too perspicacious?

Since when was education soporific,
Being taught in a dialect unknown.

Is it me who is so naïve?
Or is my faith in ignorance a fallacy?

I grope in the dark looking for answers,
My mind in a haze,
I question myself, am I in the right place?
Or should I just accept and be a part of the rut?

I try to push the grades up,
but the weight pulls me down.
Caught in an eternal rat-race,
I hope to jump the queue.

Someday I’ll succeed,
Sometime I’ll disperse the queue.
The day I do that,
I’d believe I broke the rut.

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