How AIESEC DU Changes Lives!

Posted on April 11, 2010 in YKA Editorials

Aastha Bharadwaj:

As I walked out of my very first AIESEC meeting, I wasn’t elated. All I really, genuinely was, was confused. Completely and entirely. During the meeting, short forms and unrecognisable words were thrown about the room like another mother tongue. Past conferences, instants and incidents were referred to, left, right and center. The word ‘RMR’ was flung around at regular intervals. Department chants were shouted and sung, passionately and tunelessly. Facts and figures were belched out en masse… and at the center of this whirlwhind, stood the sufficiently confused, mildly dazed, new recruits of February, 2010.

Now, it’s been two months, and things seem clearer. What’s crystal to us, is that there is so much that characterizes AIESEC and makes this organization what it truly is. So many contrasting elements that blend to strike that perfect balance.

It could be the various kinds of people we not only get to meet, but interact with, connect to, and form relationships with. It could be the leaders we are surrounded by. Leaders that inspire. Leaders who are our age! Leaders whom we can aspire to be some day, not too far off in the near future. Or, it could be the work that we do. Unique, interesting. Internships, exchanges.

It could be the ecstasy we experience at any little success. It could be that unbending support from the entire team, at any failure. It could be the conferences we organize and attend. The people we meet, the experiences we take back with us, and the perspective we gain. It could be the fact that even though it’s hard work, the work ceases to be a burden.

Perhaps it’s all of these things put together. Perhaps this is just the beginning of that AIESEC experience.

Two months, one conference, several meetings, and a million matching mails/phone calls later, here we are – full fledged, two month old members of AIESEC in Delhi University. We can now blurt out the short forms at the drop of a hat. Our first conference, RLDS 2010, was successful and quite legendary. Our RMR’s are increasing by the day. We know, and love, the work that we do. It’s only been two months, and it’s been quite the ride.

This is just the beginning.