India Runs on Thin Ice

Posted on April 4, 2010

Abhirup Bhunia:

India has landed itself in chaos considering the present scenario of international affairs. On the other hand, Pakistan, which openly deems India as it’s number one enemy is sitting in a comfortable position. The new found approach to terror, classifies the Taliban into good and bad, and this viewpoint, instituted and advocated by UK and USA, does not go down well with Indian position. Pakistan has seen its own interests in this and has hence proposed to be the mediator, while USA has set a rider that Pakistan should first clamp down on the Lashkar-e-Toiba which would result in strategic ties between the two.

While India hitherto looked to be one of the priorities of USA, the latter backtracked and promised Pakistan a diplomatic bond if terror camps at home are foiled. India wants Pakistan to be serious about tackling terror and thwarting camps at home, but that USA has foreseen its own threats has resulted into the resolution and something that is not in India’s interests.

China on the other hand is not an ally that India can look up to since they have a leaning towards Pakistan with whom they have strategic ties and supplied arms in the past. China has also made it a point to penetrate every adjacent and neighboring region of India to thwart any chances of India growing into a regional power. It is believed the NSCN, which is a rebel separatist group of NE India, is being supported by the Chinese.

The prospects of Indo-Russia bilateral relations are on an upswing but nonetheless Russia has refrained from speaking anything on the war on terror and tried to keep all eventualities with Pakistan open thereby exhibiting some sort of non-alignment.

Reports also suggest that USA is heading towards cutting a deal with David Coleman Headley who was a prime accused in 26/11. The FBI has proposed to go soft on him, provided he gives out important information on Rana and other terror suspects, something which is technically called plea bargain. This has been embarked on without taking India into confidence, as per reports. This shows that USA is primarily interested in gathering information that would help outwit possible terror threats to America and the focus is not on handing out a severe sentence to the man who was responsible for the death of several innocent Indians.

The FBI has also chosen to share selected information on Headley, something that does not befit cooperation. Though P. Chidmabaram reiterates that US has allowed India full information on Headley, quite the contrary is doing the rounds in media circles and expert spheres. USA has also remained virtually mute as far as asking Pakistan to speed up cases against Hafiz Saeed, who is seen propagating anti-India sentiments in Lahore, is concerned. USA has, on the other hand, been quick to appeal to India to hold bilateral talks with Pakistan to come to a so-called truce.

Hence, India runs on thin ice in so far as global diplomacy is involved at present.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz

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