LSD: Love Superconciousness and Divinity within

Posted on April 5, 2010 in Specials

Ranjeet Kumar:

The complexity of life is manifested in relationships too. The boundaries are hazy and not clearly demarcated. The act of sympathy and help culminates in passionate love. Sometimes what starts as a quarrel ends in the domain of true friendship. Interestingly though the situation lies chaotic, digging deep in conscience one knows that order lies ahead. Where acquaintance transforms into friendship and where friendship turns to love and love into a relationship is an unanswered question beyond the explanation of the faculty called the mind. Then how do we relate, is there any complicated mechanism at the biochemical level? These are questions that have always been perennial in the scientific arena. It’s not a pathophysiological manifestation but wonders under the purview of behavioral sciences.

Why does the heart throb and why does the sensation so serene touches the spine when one has felt the love that exists? Love has profound effect on you and a different confidence surfaces from your personality. Something changes in the mechanized lifestyle through which you suddenly get in tuned with the nature beauty. Your degree of awareness is significantly enhanced and in due course the flower within blossoms in the heart. Though the dynamics of growth is fast and everything has a materialistic platform, the essence of love has been the same – pure and unadulterated.

Then why does the world around seems so against love and why do fights and enmity exist? The answer is that love is more dangerous than any other passionate feeling as all other feelings are quite directional and focused but love knows no barriers and boundaries. It can originate in any circumstances. As such, social norms have been imposed to maintain the order in society. Love can further be viewed under love for someone or love for something. Why do I love someone? Is it because of something in him or because of my love for who they are in absolute totality and singularity? If it is love for something in someone then it’s ephemeral, it is bound to die in disappointment and is not long lived. Every human being is potentially divine and the nectar of love flows in every conscious soul on the planet.

The writer is a research scholar by profession working at CDRI Lucknow, a freelancer and poet by passion.