Movies and Lessons, but will Education change?

Posted on April 3, 2010 in Education

Dinesh Reddy Sarasani:

Umpteen movies have been made with commercial elements and certainly producers have toiled relentlessly to turn them into “paisa-vasool” investments. However, it’s a movie, blended with education and moral aspects, that shook the educational system and helped nurturing young lives. It’s a movie that redefines the “MOVIES-MOVE in Indian Educational System”. Presenting “3 IDIOTS”, the movie which justified its title by redefining “IDIOTS – India’s Distinction between Ingeniousness and Theoretical System”. Touching students’ conscience, underscoring amicable rapport, exhaling the air of creativity and being hailed successful by the critics, the movie has felt its influence in the heart of every Indian and donned the crown of numero uno.

It vividly resembles my life in regard to underscoring the work to be done in one’s area of interest. The education system and its discipline, methods of teaching and the take on students’ perception, ingeniousness and practical approach are the criteria that ought to be pondered over. Mugging up, learning by rote, boning up for exams, monotonous theoretical lecture are what one can discern in Indian education system. It simply maligns the young minds thereby misleading them to be indoctrinated. Professors’ skill-sets, the primary determinant of quality education, is in the hands of ignorance. Institutional rules and regulations barely bring in changes that they desired as a few of them would be student-friendly and feasible and some not all.

Einstein was the one who drove Science to an unimaginable extent. Newton was the person to challenge “Why?” pertaining to the apple’s fall. Why can’t our name go on to the next generations? Is it due to lack of mutual co-operation and rapport between Indian Education System and Creativity? Reforms must be brought in the former which should aim at bridging the gap between them. “Ideas rule the world” and the system must put in its tremendous efforts to address the ideas and concerns of the students and put them to use. Ideas that keep nudging their minds must be exploded before the world. It must create a platform for them to “Think Beyond” and train their brains in the way they require them to be. Congenial study atmospheres allowing students to air their views over the concerned concept would be a great treasure to the nation. It is not enforced by defalut to adapt to the phenomenon of “Imagine beyond”.
The Indian Educational System has a double-sided attitude to creativity. On one side it declares that it encourages creativity and innovation in its students but they are happier if processes and procedures go well. On the other hand, for those with creative ideas, it’s even more infuriating when the system invites and implements their ideas to tackle the competition but stops to encourage their innovation once things are back to normal and they are forced to comply with the norms. Irrespective of the discipline that a student pursues his education in, the board must emphasize on how skilled and practical the student is. Practical teaching methodologies needed to be adopted to invigorate their brains. The laboratory sessions must outnumber the theoretical ones. In a nutshell, our education system certainly needs to be transformed into an innovatively designed one which could promise a myriad of scientists and creative thinkers.

Creative initiatives have to be in line with goals and targets. The education system has to encourage innovation, while accepting the fact that there are risks and potentials of failure.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz and also a student of Vignan Institute Of Technology and Science, Hyderabad.