Newfangled form of politics –“populism”

Posted on April 7, 2010 in Politics

ChandraMohan Garg:

India is a Sovereign Democratic Republican Government; where mortals of numerous caste, creed, and religions populate together inspiring the true form of unity in diversity. But the most crucial matter to ponder over is, in a secularist nation with so much of diversity, where orthodoxy throngs and different philosophies and ideologies are professed by different communities, what has kept the spirit of democracy alive keeping the governance and administration on tracks without baffling or rupturing it due to the clash of the titans at the stake of differences in communities. Though there have been some rifts and agitations over some issues or the government policies yet everything has kept going at its normal pace without challenging the integrity of the system of governance.

This is because of the adequate representation of individuals belonging to any cast, creed, religion, at all the levels of the governance system .The root behind the setup of communal parties in various states was to safeguard the basic fundamental rights of their people and demand for their supplementary needs. This step was of significant importance since India is among the biggest democracies of the world, and a secularist republican, where gobs of religion bloom. So for efficient and effective governance, the formation of communal parties was of premier significance.

“The most crucial affairs to be illuminated is the lines on which the communal parties were built are they working for it or a new form of divisive based politics has sneaked, and if it has then what endorses it and make it thrive and what are their assaults on the liberal -democratic form of government.”

In 1966 Bal Thackeray formed the Shiv Sena to champion the rights of Marathi Manos, blooming to safeguard the concern of the people belonging to their community. It drew notable attention, famed and was widely supported by the masses since it aimed to work for the upliftment and progress of the Marathi’s. Thus it surged the trumpets in Maharashtra growing into one of the most popular political parties. On the same lines his niece took the endeavour to form Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. Nobody knows his feats of achievement for the Marathi’s but his divisive based politics to bargain more votes and popularity in Maharashtra has seriously created a lot of hue and cry. Such shabby policies might turn out to be a golden pot for their party thriving their vote bank but all of this would stand to be void if the very structure of democracy on the lines of which these political parties run is being ruptured, broken and devastated.

Ironically these communal based parties campaigning throughout the contours of the country” thriving in the name of their people and community “have pioneered a divisive based politics. As a result the major challenge to the very existence of our republic is populism popularly decried as a debased form of politics, lacking a coherent policy framework and philosophical complexity. Politics is supposed to be governed by reasons and law but populism trades on emotions and spurns reasonable discussions and debates.

Today the politics has defamed, the line on which it was set has derailed and there’s entirely a new track been traced down. The interest of the nation and people is being forced into the background and solely criteria is to bargain more and more votes, the best means are to instigate a communal feeling among the masses and then come out in support of their community winning their confidence and their votes too, such unscrupulous politics will ultimately challenge the spirited structure of democracy tearing it on communal lines, creating communal strife’s, agitations and massacres, and sooner or later make the democratic structures fall at its heel, so there is an urgent need of a reawakening among the masses, igniting a feeling of oneness, After all its not Mumbai for Marathi’s or say golden temple for Sikh’s only, it’s not about laboring for dalits and top level jobs for upper class, “Its only about India for Indians”. No one can draw a line on the basis of religion, caste or locality, after all we all are corresponding to be different shades of colour that when commingled together evenly and synonymously will procreate an exquisite flashing rainbow in form of stabilized democratic structure imbibing on ethical principles.