The Superman Theory

Posted on April 1, 2010 in Society

Gopal Sau:

Well, I could have written about Wonder Woman too, but Superman is someone who is close to my heart, except for the fact that he has to face the ignominy of wearing pants over his trousers, that just pricks me somewhere. He sounds cooler too. Few would know that he actually started as a bald super villain set out to conquer the world. In spite of such a start, Superman is epitomised as the pinnacle of strength. He never gets tired. Or gives up. Or loses. And there lies my point. We are all super men… or women.

Ever seen how hard you can work on the last day of submission of that report? Your efficiency increases manifold and you do not notice that you have actually worked past dawn. It is not adrenaline. Adrenaline lasts only a few minutes. And you would definitely get tired after the rush. Tired enough to go off to sleep without caring for all the responsibility bestowed on you. But you just go on and on, working, till you finish as much as you can or mug away till the exam bell rings. You don’t realise that you have accomplished more in a night out than you could have for weeks together. That is the boon of procrastination. It pushes you to your limits. Only for you to realise that there are none.

Do you know that pain can be put off by not thinking about it? It’s all in the mind. Pain is the brain’s reaction to external stimuli. Yeah you will get really hurt if your body does not react. But, what if we could put off the pain? We could give that extra 10% without being conscious that we actually worked more than our capacity. Ten is safe, I guess. Anything more than that and that could be crossing the line. Now that competition has got a new definition, people do breach that bracket quite often and excel above others. These are the people who realise that there is only one way to go about life and that is to work so hard, it might just make their rivals sweat. These are the super achievers, the super men.

The average footballer runs 8.5 to 11 km in a ninety minute match. Imagine running that kind of a distance in as much time as you want. In ninety minutes most people are back from their morning jog of around 2-3 km and sipping tea slouched in their settees. The question is why would you? Someone truly answered that. If you can run such kind of distance, then you don’t need to do so. You are fit enough.

There was this inspirational video I came across once on YouTube. It showed champion sportspersons who had excelled in their fields and had many records to their name. It had a line which said, “Imagine, if you could show this kind of passion, everyday, how much could you achieve”. It sounds profound and heavy. But it shows us the light brilliantly i.e. if we are really passionate about our work and know no limits or pain, we are not less than Superman in any way.