They Cast an Impact on my Life!

Posted on April 17, 2010

Simran Ahuja:

I have come across many people whom I admire. Some have been my teachers and some have been my seniors. But the people who have made a radical impact on my life are my parents.

They have struggled a lot in their lives and I am well aware of the adversities they have faced. Despite numerous obstacles coming their way they have always worked very hard to give me the best of everything. But amidst all this I have seen them always maintain their integrity. So their actions imbued in me virtues like honesty, truthfulness, generosity and respect for elders. They have shown me instances where I learnt that it’s actually action that speaks louder than words.

I don’t remember a day when my parents missed to express the pride that they harbour in their hearts to have me as their daughter. They have supported me unconditionally and have always encouraged me to seek excellence. They have inculcated in me the value to respect education. I have now developed a strong belief that a strong educational background is of utmost significance and can guarantee a prosperous and successful career. I see this bringing a very distinguishing element in me. At my age when majority of my friends are not very sure what they want to do in life, where they want to go, what they want to select and what they want to refrain from, I find myself very clear about my choices and my career path. I do have my moments of distractions but I do not take long to realise the right path. They have tried to give me all the facilities so that I can be benefitted by the education provided by one of the best school in Delhi. Although the education in India and especially school education in metropolitan cities like Delhi is expensive, they have never compromised on quality of education. I am confident that with the inherent opportunities in such an event I would explore all possible aspects and emerge an uninhibited winner.

People in their first meeting with me take me to be an introvert and a shy girl but my friends have often repeated that I am the first one who takes a stand against anything wrong. They have instilled in me such confidence that even in all formidable conditions I remain resolute and fight for the right cause. They were the ones who made me realize that extracurricular activities are as important as academics.

In a nutshell, the guidance and motivation that they have consistently given me has filled me with an aspiration to strive indefatigably and remain undeterred by the impediments in life to achieve the goals that I set for myself.

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