They Need More! [Realizations after a visit to the orphanage]

Posted on April 20, 2010

Cherry Lu:

Yesterday morning, I, together with 9 volunteers, went to a children’s welfare institution which aims at helping the disabled children and orphans.bActually we do not know the roads very well, so it took us around 2 hours to get there. To our relief, on the way to the institution, we met some ladies who were going to the same place, who guided us along the way.

When we arrived at the destination, it was nearly noon. A staff showed us around the institution. We went to see the babies first. The staff told us that most of them were disabled and some of them had been suffering from very serious diseases. What was worse was that their parents had abandoned them. These babies were innocent and like little angels. Nobody has the right to damage or abandon them, but their parents did.

Then we went to another part of the building where we met some children aged between 6 and 12. They were silent. We could read their eyes, which told us that they needed the love of their parents which they did not have.

When we went out of the building, I saw two orphans playing basketball together. They jumped, laughed, and it seemed that nothing could stop them. They were too young to experience the cruelty of the society. I hope that when they grow up, they are able to face the bad world on their own.

Their living circumstances are good, but they need more. Their eyes tell us that they want to go out, to explore the outside world, to find their own way. They have the dreams of becoming great heroes as other children. Being alone, they want to read the newspapers with their father, to clean the garden with grandma, to have a simple supper with all the family members.

But who must be responsible for them? Their parents alone? No. The answer is, all of us. As the saying goes, men are created equal. Needless to say that these children must be treated equally. They have their own thoughts, and they have the same rights. They have not only physical but also psychological demands. We must help them.

I appeal to the future generation of policy makers, the youth, to take actions! Try your best to help these poor children! Volunteer, or start NGOs, push the Government, or join it, file litigations, get the right information and speak up!

At the same time, I wish to convey to all parents, do not abandon your children, no matter how hard your life is. Everything will be OK, so do not give up your angels.

The writer is a China based correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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