Too shy to express yourself

Posted on April 9, 2010 in Specials

Cherry Lu:

Last week, I was asked to give a presentation. In order to do this task perfectly, I took three days to write my article and to make my PPT. But when the day came, I still felt very nervous. The voice in my heart told me that I was ready, and it was silly for me to feel so nervous. At last, I stood in front of 30 students giving my presentation. Though I stopped two or three times, everything seemed OK. On the way to my seat, I emjoyed the admiration from my classmates. “Good job,” they said.

I was very happy, but to my surprise, when I recalled the scene when I gave the presentation, I forgot everything I had done. In some ways, I was still nervous!

It is my story. In fact, I am a girl who is too shy to express myself in public. Sometimes, I am eager to make my point known, but I just can not speak it out. Because of this, I have missed many chances in my life. All I can do is to be sad. That is to say, I am a loser in a way.

There are many reasons contributing to it. One of it is that I am a person who desires to be perfect. I just want to be a perfect person, which seems impossible. So every chance I am asked to do something to present myself, I try my best to make others think that I am perfect. The fact is, I just want to be, but I am not actually perfect. It is necessary to point out that the psychology of one person has a great impact on his or her behavior. Sometimes, it decides the development of somebody’s life. If we follow our true feelings, it is easier for us to calm down.

Many people around me have the same problem as me. Most of them are very brilliant students. What they need is a chance to show themselves. But it is hard for them to catch it. We can see many people who are not shy to express themselves in public. When making mistakes, they do not think that it is a shame. I think they are brave. But they are not born speakers. They improve their skills and psychology step by step.

Dear friends, do not pay too much attention to something. Sometimes, we care about something very seriously but others do not care. So do not put too much pressure on yourselves.

Do remember, you are not a loser in your world. And you can present yourself successfully.

The writer is a China correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

Cherry Lu