Uttar Pradesh: Demystifying demons in the angels face…

Posted on April 5, 2010 in Politics

Ranjeet Kumar:

The politics of survival has facets unexposed. Why does the development model that the government talks of, bear no results at all at the grassroot levels. The situation is like an erupting volcano and the issues being raised are diluted by the media thus defocusing the whole issue at large. Is it pragmatic to look for the brand of a suit a person is wearing when he is practically laying in a death like situation? I am amazed that while the people starve of hunger, unemployment and insecurity, monuments are being erected and forces are being formed. Doesn’t it sound illogical? Ambedkar would have cried seeing what these insane people have taken off from his simple message. Ambedkar is an Indian first. Besides, he is not a legend for dalits alone but has due respect among all caste and creed. It seems that Ambedkar is a sole property of an insane political agenda and nothing else. What is the purpose of glorifying fossils of the past when in your hand lies the golden present of the public that you administer today. Safe drinking water, sanitation, health, food, housing, electricity and employment should be the priorities.

Currency garlands are the show of pomp and splendor. Instead of building bridges political treachery has resulted in building walls. There has been literally more gaps created by these silly actions to which the politicians subscribe to. The insanity has reached its climax now as the politicians, especially the one that rules Uttar Pradesh, are scripting a socio-political real life drama of great social divide. Contemplate about that fact that when the state is culminating to be the state with the largest pool of youngsters, what the political clowns are trying to shape it into. There is an ardent need to downsize the political vandalism in progress. It seems that this is not a part of the country at large.

My heart cries seeing rally’s that display power and how the people, poor and otherwise, are being used. It’s high time that the ugly game should be stopped, otherwise it will soon culminate in to a saga of retrogressive social bankruptcy. No developmental agenda, no industries and nothing on employment, health and electricity. The people who try to rule by creating mental trauma, feeling of discrimination, a sense of identity crisis should be curtailed by all means. Let the society evolve, let us shoulder the responsibility with our heads held high and no fear in the mind and let us pledge, most importantly, to demystify the demons in the face of angels.

The writer is a research scholar by profession working at CDRI Lucknow, a freelancer and poet by passion.