West Bengal a “Mini-India” is an absolute tourist destination

Posted on April 10, 2010 in Travel

Chandramohan Garg:

West Bengal is empowered with a majestic natural beauty. Adorned and engraved with all shades of nature bestowing on it a harmony of colour and exotic features as an advent of excellent expanse of scenery, endowing a soothing effect on mind, body and soul of the visitor. West Bengal has almost all the geographical features, the snow caped Himalayan ranges in the north, the vast stretch of the Bay of Bengal soothes its soul to the down south, world’s largest Mangrove forest Sundarbans along with the royal Bengal tigers makes one discover the ferocious side of beauty, the verdant plains, looping hills of perulia, majestic Ganges, red soil in the western district, forest and wildlife, all this along with a blend of rich ancient culture , traditional, historic heritage and beautiful craftsmanship makes it a hub for a tourist destination.

The most popular places to be visited in Bengal are Darjeeling, Dooars, Murshidabad, Malda, Bishnupur, Shantiniketan, Perulia, Sunderbans, Diamond harbor, Dingha, Shankarpur and of course Kolkata.

The famous Bengal Tiger

Sundarbans will make one discover the ferocious side of beauty, in dense forest Olympian royal tigers reign in their royal attitude , the rivers and water bodies are infested with crocodiles that are notorious, at sundarbans one would experience the cold blood running through the spine but nothing can restrain from exploring this place and admiring its exquisite beauty.

The famous Darjeelng toy train

Darjeeling is a beautiful tourism spot, the best places are tiger hill famous for its sunrise, senchal lake, a journey up the mountain through the toy train, just below Darjeeling lies another beautiful place called dooars, stretching out an undulating vast expanse of forest and tea gardens, dooars valley is famous for wildlife, sanctuaries which are a habitat for many rare species including one horned rhinos.

West Bengal presents a fascinating range of ancient and diverse traditions, Malda is known for its mango and green orchards, its history dates back to 7th AD, later Muslims took over the throne and built many beautiful structures over this part . Murshidabad made the advent of the British rule as the battle of plassey was fought over here, Coochbelam has a beautiful palace of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan , built on 1.5 meter platform covering an area of 4768 meters .

Bankura and Perulia are famous for their architecture, handicraft and music. Perulia is the place where Rama lived during his exile. At Shantiniketan in Birbhum RabindraNath Tagore found open air school named Patha Bhavan which finally took the form of Vishwabharti, first institute of its type offering subjects in fine arts, music, dancing and painting. Numerous cultural festivals and other programmes are organized by it round the year.

In spite of being a perfect tourism destination a negative picture of tourism in West Bengal is being portrayed refraining it from being a hub of tourism. This is due to the unrest initiated by unsocialistic organizations at tourist destinations. Bankura and Perulia are struck with the Maoist violence, Darjeeling by Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, all of this refrain the growth of tourism.

The government has come up with an action plan to curb this advent of activities and promote tourism. They are planning to induce private sector too in the development of infrastructure at the tourist destination and as well their beautification. The priorities of the government are to develop dooars, Ganga to promote tourism at the rivers, metropolitan Kolkata, Murshidabad and Birbhum.

This place is a must visit for all those who love to explore and visit newer places as this will appear to be a mini-India, which has diverse geographical characteristics , an exquisite beauty and abound of places famed for its, cultural, traditional, arts or historic heritage.