A Professional Hacker –The Modern Day Superhero

Posted on May 1, 2010

Maria Thomas:

In India the chances of finding a computer engineer is as high as the chances of finding a pani puri waala around the corner. Let’s face it: we are a country that is producing an exorbitant amount of computer-savvy individuals by the second. But gone are the days when these computer professionals waltzed into any old firm and spent their days booting up operating systems; the modern day tech whizz now has a plethora of fascinating professions to choose from within the IT industry and of these the most captivating is professional hacking.

Professional hacking is also referred to as ethical hacking and it represents a profession that is widely debated over in all circles. The traditional notions of hackers involve dark dingy rooms and sinister characters but professional hacking is far from this illusion. Yes, malicious hackers do exist but they are fast becoming upstaged thanks to the proliferation of professional hackers who use the same methodology but for good, rather than evil.

Professional hackers have extensive computer knowledge and are thus used by firms and even the government to detect potential weaknesses in security for websites and servers so as to avoid the wrath of spiteful hackers that may steal valuable information. Thus working as a professional hacker represents an interesting paradox wherein you are forced to use somewhat immoral techniques to achieve a moral end. This easily explains why professional hacking has raised eyebrows around the world.

In India we have continued to maintain numerous stereotypical notions and our ideas about hackers have never wavered. Nevertheless, with the world becoming increasingly dependent on the internet and computers there is a dire need for a force to fight against the attacks of hateful hackers who aim to take advantage of weak systems. Training to become a personal hacker does not require a great deal of specialized institutional education, any computer degree is more than enough to ensure you are aware of the basics, but with experience comes increased knowledge and increased effectiveness and this is what all professional hackers aim for.

The difference between a good professional hacker and a mediocre one is the adaptability: technology changes every day and to keep up with security threats you will need to be well-versed in every little detail from the computing world. Moreover, hacking into servers and systems is laborious work that requires practice, diligence and dedication and these certainly do not come easy.

Despite these difficulties, entering the world of professional hacking is sure to keep you interested in technology for years to come. The constant evolution of the computing world and the secrecy of the profession are all features that make it a fascinating career choice for those with a great deal of technological acumen. Working as a professional hacker will undoubtedly give you a great sense of achievement as you will, for all practical purposes, be the superhero of the hour when you discover that vital gap in a security system that could have led to disastrous losses, what other job can give you such an ego boost? Professional hacking is a great alternative for those of you disillusioned with the staid careers offered by the industry and it is a career that is both well-paid and interesting, a rare and deadly combination. With India’s development reaching new heights, it is no surprise that professional hacking is gaining prominence as an essential element of the IT industry and a career in this line will undoubtedly lead to vast enticing benefits in the present and in the future.

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