Around the world in racist ways

Posted on May 1, 2010

Kunal Anand:

The recent spate of attacks on Indian students has brought to the fore the ugly racial side of the modern Australian society. (?) News channels are filled with clips showing how merciless the modest Australian can get when dealing with an unarmed “outsider” Indian.

But these incidents, no matter how gory are surely not an isolated phenomenon. Turn your eyes around the world and it’s difficult to find one country which doesn’t have a racially volatile past or intolerant present.

The Australians have a handsome experience at beating weaklings. The Britishers who sailed to its shores beat back the native aborigines to the jungles and “claimed” Australia. The great grandsons of the same invaders are now beating Indians.

Americans did the same to the Red Indians and Afro-Americans. The “Blacks” in South Africa were slaves in their own country for centuries. The Tibetans are on the brink of cultural extinction at the hands of one of the world’s “fastest growing economy”.

Back home in India, the less the better. For 200 years, the Whites made us believe that they were superior to us because of their colour. Since independence, we have made sure that no one forgets this. Every matrimonial ad wants a “tall, educated, English speaking, FAIR girl”. Every beauty cream claims to reduce melanin in 15 days! Every hero is fair, or at least fairer than the villain in the movie.

We have other varieties of discrimination too! Besides caste and religion, there’s this absurd concept of “sons of soil” floated by “His highness Maratha” Raj Thackerey who is out there to drive every non Marathi out of Mumbai. If his wants are implemented it will mean relieving Mumbai of 51% of its total population and that wil include almost the entire Bollywood (Shahrukh, Amitabh, Yash chopra to name a few), all the doodhwalas, Gujarati diamond traders and businessmen who are virtually running the Mumbai trade market, and the NSG commandoes who saved Mumbai last year.Thakrey doesn’thave a problem with gangsters sitting in there. He has a problem with Indians doing their jobs.

Actually we all have a chronic problem. Is an Indian really different from an Australian? Is a Bihari different from an Assamese or Marathi? Is a Hindu different from a Muslim? If we delve deep inside these issues…WE ARE ALL THE SAME.

The struggle is not between Races, it’s between Faces. The powerful thrashes the weak-this is the global truth since the Dawn of Uncivilization. And no matter what the guardians of society say, it’s always going to be “Around the world in racist ways”.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz

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