Be Yourself!

Posted on May 14, 2010 in Health and Life

Shweta Bhalla:

‘’It is possible to be different and still be alright’’

Most of us, all the time, are looking at impressing someone or the other. We don’t want to make any mistakes because that would show others that we are not the best. We want to be successful in life to show others that we are superior to them or at least at par with them. We want to look the best; we want the best for us… None of this might even mean anything more for us than the fact that we are doing these things to prove something to others, and most of it is subconscious!

How many times it happens that we choose to wear a particular dress, not because we like it, but because we think others will like it! We avoid doing things we like because we are scared someone might make fun of us. We think 100 times before taking up something new, just because the thought that we might not be successful in that venture harries most of us.

It is extremely difficult to get out of this, and equally important too! We need to realise it, well within time, that we are all different. We are made that way. It’s okay if we do things differently and we like different things. It’s okay if we don’t wear clothes everyone things are the best, we might have our own dressing sense. It’s okay if we don’t like the chartbusters or the movie everyone seems to gush about; we might have a different choice, that’s all!

We don’t have to be, look, think, act, dress, believe, or feel like everyone else…or even like someone we admire. We don’t need to change ourselves for anyone. It is not our job to impress others. But it sure will be our virtue if we are able to create our own niche. Doing what WE want to is the easiest and the most difficult thing at the same time. Believe it, the world will become a much better place if we are able to truly find ourselves!!