Beat the Heat!

Posted on May 31, 2010 in Specials

Apoorva Chawla:

The summers are on full swing and stepping out of our air-conditioned houses seems like the cruelest punishment. As the mercury crosses the 45degree mark, the earth seems no cooler than an erupting volcano. So what can we do to stay protected from the blazing sun?

Summer is a time when the kids have their school vacations and it is time for family get-togethers and holidays. The heat drives most of us out of our busy monotonous lives towards cooler and funner places like hill stations and beaches.

But what about the remaining ones? We can have some fun of our own too. The best way to beat the heat is to go swimming. And besides cooling us off the heat it’s a good exercise too. Families can also enjoy together by visiting theme parks and water parks.

But we also need to take care of ourselves in the scorching heat. And the right diet is the key to healthy living. So here are a few tips to stay cool, hydrated and light in summers.

  • First of all make sure to include lots of juicy fruits in your diet, like mangoes and watermelons.
  • Coconut water, butter milk and yoghurt are also ideal to reduce body heat.
  • Avoid heavy meals and red meat as they increase the body heat.
  • Water based vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, ladyfinger and pumpkin are good and light for the season.
  • Before leaving the house have water or glucose water to keep safe from the sun.
  • And onions, garlic and tea help improve the immune system and protect against heat-stroke. And granny’s age old remedy to keep the body hydrated is to drink lots and lots of water; it will also keep the skin healthy and glowing!

Now, all the girls out there read closely, here are some more tips to help our skin stay beautiful.

  • It’s essential to wash the face regularly, to keep it clean from the dust and pollution.
  • And use Aloe Vera or barley based body lotions, to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Also, wear sunscreen when going out in the sun and be sure to wash the face after returning home and remove the sunscreen.
  • It is also important to wear loose cotton clothes in summers. Floral prints and pastel colors look soothing in the sun. Wear open sandals or chappals and hats or caps.
  • The eyes too need protection so wearing sunglasses is also very essential. Also, always remember to carry wet tissues, a non-alcoholic deodorant, an umbrella and a water bottle in the bag while traveling.

And summer is a time to be a little kind to the animals too. We can show some care by keeping a bowl of water on our boundary walls for the birds and one outside our homes for the dogs. Helping the voiceless animals will definitely raise your spirits in the depressing hot weather.