Change is the Only Constant

Posted on May 11, 2010

Divya Gupta:

When we were small, we all thought how nice it would be to grow up and have fun. Our juvenile minds weaved a thousand dreams about all the things we wanted in our lives and how we would achieve them. But as we grew up, we were bombarded with all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable changes. Things which seemed perfect a minute ago turned to their worst in that single moment. The trees around us grew from a tiny seed to a sapling and finally to that huge trunked structure which sustained life. The weather changed, the tectonic plates beneath us shifted. Our bodies deciphered new forms and our mental states, emotions, all of it changed.

So the one thing common to everything in and around us is CHANGE.

What is change? The dictionary defines it as “The act, process, or result of altering or modifying” among its many varied meanings. Change is to undergo transformation or transition in every sphere of our lives. It is inevitable. It occurs without asking us, and we have no option but to accept it as it comes our way. Yet we strive to change the change however futile our attempt may be. It transforms, modifies and adjusts us as well to accommodate the change. It is sometimes good or sometimes bad, though most of the times we rationalize the changes occurring around us to suit our needs and satisfy our ego’s. For e.g. if our very perfect friend changes to our biggest enemy for some reason, we may rationalize the change as it all happened for a reason and we learnt a lesson. In this we try to see the positive side in every situation. Sometimes change is very difficult for us to handle, but times always change and we have to cope up with it.

So what should we do in order to survive change? The best way is to take it as a part of life and living and incorporate it in our thoughts, emotions, relations etc. Imagine life without change! It would be monotonous and dull, what if the sun never set? Or your life was always perfect? How would we learn to appreciate the beauty of life if there is no change? Change is the essence of our being, of our very existence. Hate it or like it, you just can’t ignore it. As said by Elizabeth Barrett Browning “And why, since these be changed now, Should I change less than thou.”

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