Colours of the Mind

Posted on May 18, 2010 in Specials

Keerthana Jagadeesh:

The psychology of color could make every day a social experiment if you dress according to the implications of each color. Dressing contrary to the color of your mood could either make your day turn for the better or leave you in two confused moods. Color psychology is a complicated field of study and goes deep into the meaning of combining colors for a particular desired effect. Let’s review the colors and their effects.

When you’re planning a take-down and want to look your authoritative best, wear black. Black speaks of power, authority and intelligence. Black works for Obama and Darth Vader, so might work for you. Wearing black also withholds your innermost personality traits because black is a commonly liked color and you won’t be personally assessed by anyone for wearing black because black gives off an impenetrable exterior. On the other hand, when you wear a white t-shirt or dress, you create an air of approachability- this impression is goaded by how we run to a white coated doctor every time we approach death. White conveys purity, but honestly- these days, with so few pure things, people and motives, white might be the color that creates distrust and derision in other people. So wear white with caution. Unless you’re mocking the values of the color- then, go ahead and wear it to your second marriage.

Why is everyone’s color blue? Well, it’s mostly because blue gives off the impression of loyalty, support and steadfastness and this impression is usually created by having grown up with uniforms which are usually the color blue. Yes, schools consciously take part in this brain-washing-through-color-agenda. So, wear blue when you want to appeal for someone’s loyalty and trust- 9 out of 10 times, you will have your support, if you don’t, then, I suppose you were asking support for an act of murder.

If you want to cheer someone up or just yourself or charm someone with your happiness, then, wear yellow. It is psychologically proven that looking at yellow makes the brain produce serotonin. And everyone wants serotonin, the happiness inducing hormone. This is because yellow is associated with happiness, sunshine and good mood. So, next time you reach for an anti-depressant, try substituting it with yellow nail polish or a yellow dress.

Green shows nature, peace, nurturing and some amount of unity. With the fading tress and nature, maybe we can bring a type of nature back by wearing green and hope that none of us gets cut down by a building. Who knew that orange represents the birth of a new era? Probably no one, but now you know. So, go tell everyone that New Year’s day is the most acceptable day to wear a color as flamboyant as orange. And if your bright orange outfit catches the eye of a blind man, then, maybe orange does have some beneficial effects. On the other end of the spectrum, wear pink to calm yourself and others down. But then again, pink is a color you either hate or love- so, it could either calm you down or rile you up.

The most appealing color (surprise, surprise) is red. It appeals to the stomach and the sex drive. And is there really a better combination to rule the world? Red is a dominating color. You will definitely be noticed when you wear it. So, wear it anytime you’re feeling like you need some attention.