Does Size Really Matter? Yes It Does!

Posted on May 1, 2010 in Health and Life

Tanaya Singh:

This one will go direct… as in, very direct. No hocus-pocus, no grandiosity and no rhetoric because when I came across the question “Does size really matter?” I said YES. A straight yes, no second thoughts. It obviously matters. We have been growing up with this attitude, we see it, know it and now we are acknowledging it.

Your size matters, not because your boyfriend will dump you if your waistline exceeds the desired limit, neither because you will find your girlfriend with another guy if your physique does not meet her expectations. It matters for a reason that is a lot simpler and provable. It matters because-

One: obesity leads to diseases. And two: you feel good when you look good.

That’s it. No big deal. We all know very well that corpulence makes you more prone to illness. Then why not keep a check on that size. Most of us out there are not Kareena Kapoors or Aamir Khans right? So we cannot keep switching from zero size to normal in just a matter of days. So it’s important for all of us to keep it cool and healthy.

But is that (0) the only size that matters? Well there are a lot more. For me, the size of my share of chocolate matters, for all of us the size of the country’s population matters, the size of Kashmir matters, the size of your latest gadget matters, the size of the business empire distributed between brothers, the size of your syllabus, size of my article and most importantly the size of our family matters. It matters when you go and live with your grandparents or you meet your fully fledged family during some festival. It does matter deep within when your two year old cousin pricks your nose in the morning to wake you up instead of your mother shouting. It matters when your aunts put in all their efforts to convince you to marry their favourite girl/guy. It matters like hell when you come drunk late at night with your brother and find your grandfather waiting for the whole story with details. All of this matters even if you live in a small and compact nuclear family in a metro with the entire society counting the advantages of living separately. It matters because deep within you, you love being surrounded by ‘your’ people, being in the midst of a crowd that will never allow you to feel lonely.

After much debate, It MATTERS. Don’t you think so?

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz