E-Books to Save The Environment!

Posted on May 4, 2010 in Environment

Meenakshi Gaur:

Environmental conditions on Earth are not very impressive; with carbon dioxide emission on perpetual rise, increasing global water crisis, utter exploitation of fossil fuels and changing climatic conditions across the globe are indicating high chances of climatic chaos. Planting trees, protecting trees, nurturing trees and having more and more trees, is the only measure available (amongst others) to save our planet. If technology is majorly responsible for the fast depletion of our natural resources then technology can be used as the savior too. We can start this by altering the way we read.

eBook Reader is the new age counterpart for the printed books. The printed words will soon face strong competition from the digitalized version of the text. The eBook reader does not degrade over time unlike its paper based counterpart. Ruthless cutting of trees to meet paper industry demands can be curtailed by this digitalized reader, giving you easy annotation facility in the margins of the text with the help of multi color pen, provided with the reader.

The eBook reader comes with multiple features like listening to the audio books, storing dozens of eBooks in its storage card , quick search of phrases , words or quotes and its super portable size does not eat up your space. Its high resolution back lighted screen makes it apt for reading in any kind of light situations.

Much loved hard bound books, do not allow you to search the incomprehensible words while reading but the eBook reader makes reading an enriching experience by providing easy access to lexicon or thesaurus.

eBook readers are produced by various brands like Sony, Samsung and Amazon. They come in various shapes, colors, sizes and the storage capacity. The cost factor remains a major challenge, as the product ranges from $199 to $299 in the international markets.

The companies still have to work hard on the innovating and upgrading the eBook reader, as it presently lacks the features of a common PC. The cheap price and easy availability of the paperbacks will continue luring the customers unless eBook reader is made more customers centric and utility oriented.

The last word will definitely be that of the buyers. Hopefully you will act as the intelligent buyer and choose eBook reader over books and will help save our environment. Enjoy eBook reading!!!!!!