Finding Hope

Posted on May 6, 2010

Tanaya Singh:

Sitting beside a railway track,

All he could do, was to look back…

With a gloomy face,

And eyes fixed in a gaze,

He turned around to find himself in a maze.

He knew that he would never be able to cope up,

There was no ray of hope to help him look up.

He could see himself stuck,

In a place that was devoid of luck….

Memories of the last week,

Could only make him weep.

Being unable to find any way,

He started recalling each day….

The week had just begun,

But he could not see the sun.

He was on his seat,

Already feeling the heat.

“Gentlemen have patience,

We promise everything will soon make sense.”

Thus the proud employees of the past,

Could not find anywhere to go at last….

Once the “employees of Satyam” by the grace of god,

Were now nothing but victims of a fraud.

Tuesday came, but in vain….

Coz there was no news, of any use.

It was Wednesday,

or call it doomsday….

“Sorry gentlemen, as you all know,

Our company has got a blow.”

On Thursday he was not required for any job,

So he went to the bank to meet Bob.

He was no longer the friendly manager who used to come home,

All he was doing was inquiring about the loan.

Friday his son asked for his half yearly fees,

And his heart was broken, piece by piece.

The week has now come to an end,

But no good message has been send.

He wants to give up his life on this railway track,

As he cannot find any other way back…..

But this time when he turned around,

A gate out of the maze had been found.

It felt like another life,

When he could see his son and his wife….

Waiting for him at the door,

He knew they did not want anything more

They were his source of inspiration,

Giving him the courage to take firm decisions.

Now he was sure he would be able to cope,

Coz he had finally found the ray of hope.

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