Godavari Calling

Posted on May 26, 2010 in Travel

Spurthi Rao:

Fed up with the routine that you have been following for years? Then, it is time to escape. Andhra Pradesh Tourism promises to make your trip a memorable one. Our destination this time is Rajamundry the head quarters of East Godavari District which is 500 KM from Hyderabad. This city is a place of historic & religious importance with many tourist attractions.

One of the main tourist spots is the Papi Kondalu. It is believed to be a place where all the sins are cleansed. The affordable fares between Rs. 200 and Rs. 300 includes lunch (vegetarian) too. The river Godavari flows through Papikondalu racing past the hills taking the course that resembles a narrow gorge. The width of Godavari in between the two banks is less than 1 km, thereafter narrowing up to the minimum width at Papikondalu. I can attest to the fact that viewing this sight can be a truly enchanting experience. It engulfs you by its sheer beauty. It plays a riot of colours & drowns you in its mind boggling hues.

It is a lover’s paradise, a poet’s imagination, & a singer’s inspiration. The swaying trees & the gushing waters provide the rhythm to a dancer’s dream. Now, with the monsoon setting in, the Godavari would be brimming with water, ready to wash you away by its majestic appearance. And, there in the water, is your house-boat all decked up awaiting for you to revel in its beauty. The experience is crude & raw, and a great experience. The chuckling of the water is like the giggling of a child. You are treated like a prince on board. Later, you are treated with tribal dance & folk songs.

A wonderful tourist location will no longer be available when government completes the 100+ feet height Polavaram Dam to be built in the Papikondalu range that will engulf most of the villages due to raising levels of water.

So, make the most of the opportunity left. There can be no better feast your eyes can have. The Papi Hills trip is a once in a lifetime trip I recommend for each of you there. You may have been on a ferry-ride at the Niagara, but, this boat-ride has nothing less to offer. The memories of this trip will for sure stay with you the whole of your life.