In-focus: Guitar Tutor as a Career Option

Posted on May 23, 2010

Kishore CS:

Most of the present working population would agree with me when I say that they’re in a job line that has no connection to what their interests are. This situation arises because of many reasons. Either they’re getting paid really well, and the incoming wealth is driving them on, or that the passion they have for a particular thing has no scope for a career in their economic society. However, off late, there has been a marginal increase in the number of people taking alternative career paths. One such profession that seems to be rising especially in Tier-I cities of India, is guitar tutoring. The main cause for the rise in the number of guitarists in India is globalisation. Our country has been exposed to rock music. Youngsters over the years have taken to rock music and some even want to make some music. So, they form bands in colleges, and this is where their musical career actually starts off. There are currently more than 200 active bands recognized by the Rock Street Journal. This clearly shows a promising future for guitar tutors around, in terms of demand for guitar classes.

Music is the essence of life, and what better way to earn your bread, than by passing on your musical knowledge to aspiring musicians. Being a guitar tutor myself, I can certainly say that it’s a fulfilling job.

There are so many good aspects involved in guitar tutoring. Firstly, by making up your own methods of teaching them and actually teaching students, you get to learn more about the instrument. It completes you, as a musician. It covers the loopholes that you’ve faced when you were learning the guitar. It gives you a sense of organisation and order about the music you play. When you play the guitar as a hobby, you would make sure you get the basics right, so that the songs you reproduce sound good. Your satisfaction ends here. But when you’re teaching the art of guitar playing, you really learn how you have been playing all the different chords and notes, and it brings out the theoretical principles involved in playing the instrument, Therefore, I would say, guitar tutoring involves self-learning too.

My second reason for all you guitarists to take up this profession would be the job satisfaction. Now, honestly, could you have a better deal than doing what you love, to earn money? The years of experience you’ve gained so far by playing at home, playing at shows and other places carries so many vital aspects of being a musician, and it is such a great feeling to guide budding guitar enthusiasts with the knowledge that you possess. So, its not only your theoretical knowledge, but your situational knowledge too. You know what to tell them, where to concentration more. You know at what stages they will find it hard to progress, as you have gone through exactly the same situations. When they are in such difficult positions, it is your motivation that will drive them to become a better guitarist.

Thirdly, when you teach, you need to use the right side of your brain in order to come up with creative exercises. You need to make sure that the exercises you design are most effective but at the same time do not come out looking too intimidating for the student. So, this profession clearly keeps your mind at work. There is no sense of monotony involved here.

Teaching an instrument makes you a better musician. When you really have the passion for something, you will surely excel in it, You will face no sense of uncertainty as to whether you can live up to it. We all have been put into situations where the job we do, has nothing really to do with either what we have studied, or what we like to do as a hobby. In these times, we crumble under pressure, and this, in turn affects our performance. Hence, when you follow your passion, you will be the best you can.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to take up tutoring. Make sure you know your basic theory right. You must make sure you cover all the basic elements of the guitar; else it would be difficult for your student to progress. You should also keep in mind that the students need to practice a lot in order to learn a particular lesson. So, be patient, be descriptive, and realistic when it comes to the homework that you give. You must be open to new kinds of music, as the guitar is played in different styles, and having knowledge of all these techniques would give you a broader customer demand.

Popular music schools in Mumbai are Pro Guitar Academy – Chembur, Guitar Hall Academy – Santacruz, Guitar Hall – Guitar Academy & Boutique. Bangalorean’s can join the following popular music institutes if they want to start learning the guitar. JB Musicals, The Bangalore School of Music, Urban raga school of Music, Mepong Guitar Classes. Guitarists who want to teach should certainly apply to these institutes, as they pay an average Rs.20, 000 or more depending on experience.

However, in a country where western music is not a viable option, one would hesitate to take up tutoring as their main bread-earning scheme. Nevertheless, guitar tutors are slowly being recognized. More full-time tutoring schools and individuals are emerging in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and also other part timers are taking guitar classes when they can find time. All I can say is, teaching an instrument is a dignified job. It keeps you content, and helps spread music to all the interested youngsters around you, and makes life sound like a happy melody.

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