Just Another Brick in the Wall

Posted on May 16, 2010 in Society

Tanaya Singh:

If you don’t like me the way I am,

Go to hell; I don’t give a damn.

I believe in making my own ways….

I am not concerned with what Uncle Sam says.

You are free to call me a wishful thinker,

I’ll show you my fantasies were meant to twinkle.

You live like machines operated by somebody else,

I prefer living like the broaching jewels.

When will you cease this futile fuss?

Stop drifting with the “mob-rush”….

When will you walk out of the tyrant’s rule?

Or do you want to end up looking like a fool?

Life, is meant to be a montage of myriad dreams,

No matter you are grizzly, or in your teens….

Go out and be what you want to be,

Forget Uncle Sam; He does not have the key.

I can’t wither and crinkle like this,

I don’t believe in queries prior to a wish….

I don’t care if it’s a mistake and I fall,

I will never be just another brick in that wall.

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