Kasab Sentenced to Death, What Next? (updated)

Posted on May 6, 2010


Ajmal Amir Kasab, the only safest person after the 26/11 Mumbai blasts was today sentenced to death by Judge M L Tahaliyani who classified his crime as “rarest of rare”. The court said that there was no chance of Kasab reforming.

This comes at a time when there was much debate raging about the type of sentence to be given to Kasab. While most Indian’s were releived after this sentence, the question is will he be hanged? And if yes, then when?

Kasab will now set out on a long journey where legal and moral issues will be considered by authorities for years, even decades, before he is finally put to death, reports TOI.

But before we rejoice we must understand that this is (or might) not the end.This case was being tried in Special Court the judge will now have to send his order for confirmation to the Bombay HC. After which, the Bombay high court will call for evidence and analyse it to its own discretion, taking a few more months while Rs. 2 Lakh (Agencies) are being spent on Kasab on a daily basis.

After the Bombay High Courts nod for the death sentence, Kasab has the right to appeal to the Supremem Court. (remember Surinder Koli of the Nithari case? He was given death sentence by Allahabad High Court but his petition is still pending in SC).

And not only this, after SC’s approval, he has the right to go to the President.


People were looking forward to his sentence and now they will look forward to his execution. While the sentence did not take much time, the execution might, unless there are fast track orders issued against Kasab.

Early in February, a facebook page by the name “After 26/11,safest person in india is, ironically Kasab” was launched, and has been able to collect about 10,000 odd fans. Such has been the case that hate groups emerged immediately after Kasab’s arrest.

Another question that comes forward is about the larger picture. Is Kasab a small fish in the big sea? (but we must start somewhere right?)

While many debated against Kasab, DesiCritics.org carried a story on why Kasab should not be hanged? In another blog by Reuters India Kasab’s verdict being considered as a victory for India is being questioned.

It still needs to be scrutinized as to whether Kasab will receive a death sentence or not, however, we must not let the voices go down.

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