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Move out of the Human Machinery!

Posted on May 25, 2010 in Health and Life

Shhravya Rav:

The flower on the other side of the window wanted someone to see its beauty. The cold breeze was searching for someone to feel it. The sparkle of the dew drops, the yellow rays of the Sun, the butterflies, all wanted appreciation. The Mother Nature was sad for its children.

Does it sounds like these lines are taken from the poem of a veteran poet? Well, this is what that happens with the environment around us because we are too busy either making a sandwich, or catching up with the morning news. We are always busy rehearsing for the presentation or ironing the dress or running to catch the bus to work because we don’t want to be late.

While travelling too we either check our e-mails on the laptop, blackberry or prepare a to-do-list. At work, it’s debugging the code, & having lunch in one’s own cabin in the company of PC, running around the fax machine or getting a print out. We dine late, come home, throw the bags & fall asleep on the couch itself. Then, starts the next day. Everyday is the same whether it’s a weekend or a festival, we have the same routine for each day.

So, pause for a while to think what you are trying to do, where you are heading to? Where is the Mom’s food we enjoyed? What happened to those leisurely walks in the park? How did we miss the pani-puri outing with dear friends? How long ago did we have a long chat with pals? How come we did not go shopping with out sisters off-late? How did we ignore the nights that were to be spent watching a scary movie with Dad? Where are all these lovely moments?

We have ‘actually’ become machines trying hard to juggle between our two lives-human & the automobile. It’s high time we realize that we are human beings with emotions & feelings.

So, spare a moment & give time to yourself. Peep out of the window to see that red flower on the other side of the road, feel the cool breeze & touch the butterflies.

Let us not only lead life, but let us live life.