My Affair with a Blue Pen

Posted on May 24, 2010

Balakrishnan Savitha:

I read a quote recently, “A Pen is mightier than a Sword”. Thus, the idea to wield a pen took its inception in my mind and I felt that the perfect moment to begin the work was right now. I held the pen near my hand only to realize it had Black ink. I wanted a pen which had Blue ink. I went into my study and searched for a blue ink pen, but all my efforts were in vain. From the topmost shelf to the drawer in the bottom, there was no sign of a blue ink pen.

Realizing that my efforts indoors dint suffice, I went to the nearest stationary shop in my quest for a blue ink pen, the mighty weapon. ”Stock is out” is what the store man chirped to me. Tired and seeking solace, my next destination was a temple. I wanted to invoke God’s blessings before beginning my new venture -writing. I stepped out of the temple after praying and offering coconuts. I roamed the nearby streets in search of my weapon but to no avail. Being thirsty and bereft of any energy I went into a restaurant to quench my thirst and relax for a while.

I summoned an auto and was on my way back when I discovered a Sale going on. Being a shopping freak I went and splurged. You can understand the capacity women have to spend, especially when they are depressed. With a bag full of clothes and a heavy heart I slowly consoled myself and returned home.

In a few minutes my son returned from school and with all the energy I had left, I searched his bag to find a blue ink pen only to find its ink was over. My day’s ordeal was complete and my energy completely drained. Finally in the middle of the night an idea struck me. I got up and checked my husband’s shirt pocket to search for a blue ink pen. As I moved about the house I saw a shadow lurking in the dark, I shrieked waking not only my neighbours but also the sleeping watchman. The shadow was that of a thief who was eventually caught and the officer who caught him gave me a gift for being alert, would you believe what the gift was? ”A Blue ink Pen”. My Mightiest Weapon, isn’t it?

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