Nirupama Pathak: Let The Truth Prevail (a different perspective)

Posted on May 11, 2010 in Society

Ranjeet Kumar:

Why is the media insensitive to issues pertaining to the dignity of individuals. I was really shocked at the way the Nirupama Pathak case was reported. It is traumatic for the family, friends and relatives. While the case is still under investigation, the media is trying to act in a way that tarnishes the image of  the dignity of the girl who has already been publicly maligned. Was it an honor killing or a suicide? The matter is still being investigated. My intention is just to put forth the idea that when the family is suffering and is still shocked by the series of event, the media tries to dramatize the whole event.

Priyabhanshu Ranjan, the man in the scene who calls Nirupama his would be wife in the media, has left many question unanswered. He should have the courage to accept things. His denial of facts pertaining to Nirupama pregnancy is just another obstacle in the ongoing investigation. People may organize processions and marches in her support, but real support will only come with truth and justice. The postmortem report is also in question. Now what needs to be done is a thorough investigation without any media intervention. Attempts should be made to unveil the truth behind, instead of cooking up fancy stories.

This is not only a case of caste bias, it has many dimensions to it. Only when there will be an investigation and the facts will surface out can the other dimensions be revealed. It cannot be denied that the family members are highly learned and have no prior criminal records. With this, my empathy goes out to all the true friends, family and relatives of Nirupama.

Photo: File photo by Kumar Ankit (c)

The writer is a research scholar by profession working at CDRI Lucknow, a freelancer and poet by passion.