Posted on May 28, 2010

Tanaya Singh:

It’s very dark….

and I am all alone.

I look around…

but there’s nobody known.

It’s been raining hard for a while,

wish the downpour would stop now.

Was it a tear that rolled down my cheek?

Or a raindrop that tumbled down the peak?

I am walking along….

but where should I go.

Every turn I take….

has a new way to show.

But this time when I turn around….

I find a shimmering pillar of dazzling lights….

Pure, sublime and effulgent it awaits….

Emerging from the impervious heights.

It is opulent with all my dreams….

I know this from the splendorous glow.

I can see that it’s moving away….

I take a step but I am afraid I’ll sway.

Can somebody help me cross this barrier….?

And guide me to this awesome place….?

To be there is all I wish….

Coz this search took a very long race.

I know it’s only my soul….

that can take me where I wanna go.

I’ll tell you what happiness is….

when I reach the place I earnestly miss.

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