Special children and their special needs

Posted on May 14, 2010 in Specials

Shivani Ghildiyal:

The disabled, physically and mentally challenged, needless to say, are different from us.

Reason being-as we “normal people” advance in age, our brains develops, whereas for a disabled person, rightly or wrongly, the heart develops.

Though one might not be blessed with the charter of freely running around, speaking aloud, music happens to be a benediction, which soothes the soul.

Whereas in developing countries, the predominant concern is still about their rights, education, employment and access to loans, developed countries witness a rising trend of cultural, ethical as well as artistic scope for the disabled.

Be it the wheelchair bound dance or singing, painting or athletics, disabled people are increasingly crossing over the physical and mental barriers.

Take for example, Ms. Sudha Chandran, famous Indian actress and classical dancer. This brave lady dances with a Jaipur foot. She has acted in a movie on classical dance called “Nache Mayuri” & today acts in a variety of TV serials.

To be able to give opportunities and motivation is a serious need of the hour.

The Paralympic games in China are a major international multi-sport event for athletes with physical disabilities; this includes athletes with mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, and cerebral palsy.

The Mother Teresa School for rehabilitation and research is one such organization where special children are given skills training and groomed in their desired discipline by occupational therapists, well trained guides and teachers.

When the power of self belief overcomes the embarrassment of deprivation, man becomes unstoppable.

If it wasn’t so, then what other possible explanation could be given for the fact that Walt Disney, Michael Bolton, Alexander Graham Bell and Albert Einstein, all had learning problems and are yet nothing short of contemporary legends.

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