Youth Trends: Blogosphere on the Indian Youth

Posted on May 5, 2010 in The Opinionated

The youth is emerging. The youth is trending. With a shot in the hand of social entrepreneurship in India and the ease of launch of new and better enterprises, the youth brigade of the nation is ready to get-set and roll out to the world and leave a mark on the platform for global citizenship. An eptiome of innovation, the youth has made clear what being yuva literally means.

With the Indian youth going places, Youth Ki Awaaz brings an all new section, Youth Trends. In this section we will feature what the blogosphere is saying about India at large and the Indian youth in particular. This will be a weekly edition, coming out on Wednesdays. We will have the best of the blogosphere.

How can you participate? If you are a blogger who blogs for or about India/Youth, or if you wish to suggest topics for the trends then drop us a line at

As a launch trend, we bring to you what some of the best blogs wrote about Indian youth in the past few months. So here it is:

  1. Youth Activist Ruchi Jain on her Hope for Change: As a young person in India, Ruchi Jain began to see the effects of global climate change all around her. She talks about farmers in the Himalayas who worry about their future due to warmer temperatures and decreased rainfall. Read full story.
  2. Indian Youth Love Mobile Ads: India is the second largest mobile market in the world after China, with nearly 10 to 12 million mobile subscribers added monthly in the country. Read full story.
  3. Promoting the Female Condom in India: A New Approach: The first time I saw a female condom was the last time I ever thought about using one. The big ring and the bag-like structure seemed not only aesthetically unpleasing, but it also looked like a pain in the butt to insert. And besides being expensive, it’s saggy structure looked noisy and not-so-pleasurable. It just seemed all around un-sexy. Read full story.
  4. Indian Youth Festival Puts Sexy Back in Dialogue About Safe Sex: A recent youth festival aimed at raising awareness about health issues and HIV in India did something unique to draw visitors. Amid all the sobering talk of at-risk communities, safe sex and health care, the festival invited bashful attendees to talk about pleasure. Read full story.
  5. India: Vlog of a Mumbai Youth: Rahul Katyayan scripted, shot and directed a movie on his life in Mumbai and posted in his blog. The movie (vlog) was made for American students who wants to know more about the students of their age from different part of world. Read full story.
  6. India: Perspectives on Growing up in India: Thanks to the Adobe Youth Voices program, young people in different parts of the world are having the opportunity to experiment with audiovisual equipment and tell their stories from their perspective. Such is the case in India, where youth from many different schools and slums have been making videos to show the world that surrounds them and their concerns. Read full stroy.

In the coming weeks, Youth Ki Awaaz will bring more such enriching content from around the blogosphere.

You blog, we trend! 🙂

Youth Ki Awaaz does not testify the accuracy of the blog posts we link to.

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