5 Truly new Features in the Apple iPhone 4

Posted on June 26, 2010

Nitasha Kapila:

Everyone these days has a craze for apple products which consists of a large variety; it’s a status symbol too. People have a charm for iPhone, which has exciting features as compared to other company’s mobile phones. Apple, through powers of both good and evil, always finds a way to captivate like no other new product launches. This time apple had something more to prove by unveiling the iPhone 4, with which they had an unfamiliar challenge to deal with.

Things that are precisely new in this one are:

  1. SCREEN- apple iPHONE has its own show of huge screen which is hardly found in other cell phones. The new Iphone has a higher- resolution screen with pretty impressive specifics. The 960-by-640 pixels camera is crammed into same 3.5 inches screen of 3GS.Its named as the “Retina Display” because of such a high clarity. It is claimed to be the highest resolution screen ever in a phone. Apple has clearly created the “wow” factor as its screen has 326 ppi, which gives a sharper text and UI elements all around.
  2. HD Video Editing with iMovies: in addition to other features, iMovie is an interesting one which apple demoed, brings insanely powerful onboard editing, rendering and export to your phone. Other phones can edit video too but specialty about this is that apple seems to go well beyond what’s currently offered .if it works the way it is said to in the advertisements then this is a huge leap forward and way to go.
  3. Face Time Video calling- communication is very necessary to maintain relations but in today’s era technology is making everything easier for you, video calling is being promoted by Apple Iphone 4, dubbed Face Time, as a paradigm-shift in human communication. You might have heard about video- calling products earlier, but what’s interesting in Apple is announcement of Face Time as an open standard. If Face Time became an option for video calling on a host of different devices with webcams, that would be an interesting development, we still have a vague idea about it.
  4. A stainless steel chassis doubles as an antenna- every one wants their cell phones exterior body looks to be attractive and impressive. The specialty about stainless body is that you don’t usually get scratches on it, which keeps the cell newer. Apple loves their engineering wizardly, and with this new Iphone those strange gaps in the side of the frame that too many seemed unfinished have been revealed a bit more interesting. The stainless steel rim of the phone does double duty as a multi-purpose antenna for the phone’s wide range of radio communication. Apple did cite the antenna as the key to freeing up more room for a bigger battery that adds 40 percent more talk time.
  5. Apple is adding a 3-axis gyroscope to the iPhone, another claimed first for a mobile phone. Gyroscopes add fine-tuned rotational detection to accelerometers’ ability to detect linear motion, so you can expect much greater accuracy from tilt-controlled games and other apps.

In the end would conclude by saying that Apple must keep up the good work of producing amazing products like this.

image: http://www.puddleofred.com/blog/?p=1706

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