Aaj Sirf Utho Mat, Jaago

Posted on June 9, 2010 in Specials

Bhoomika Arora:

No, I am not campaigning for Tata tea. A thought just came to my mind on how helpless we are in front of red tapism, poverty corruption and of course terrorism.

Boss pehchaan hai!!! Agar nahi hai-madam aap hi ka kaam kar rahe hai thoda time toh lagega na. thoda chai pani ho jata toh jaldi ho sakta tha.” that’s what officials say without fear.

It’s been 7 hours of power cut and thanks to BSES I am writing this article. I have my college holidays, finally I am done with my first year, and I managed my first year of Economics. Now that I am truly a ‘vella’(absolutely free), I finally have the time to go through the newspaper properly.

Every report I read inspires me to act like a psychopath. Trust me! Don’t believe me, then what say about the 26/11 case? Kasab’s sentence, apparently the fastest terrorism case that is being looked into; (but the story doesn’t end,) in fact it’s just the beginning; Kasab will appeal to apex courts and of course to the respected President with his plea.

But no doubt it’s the fastest; after all 26/11 happened just two years back; amazing isn’t it!The Bhopal gas tragedy is a far cry. I mean we still have only 6 crore cases pending in the court and not to forget over 50 terrorist trials, its undoubtedly an achievement and they say-“India ko chahiye sab kuchh lighting fast.”

Turning to another report about our very own unaware government which ironically gives the right to information to its citizens The Cobalt-60 radiation tragedy, which brought the oblivious government into lime light. Our poor government is unacquainted with any data relating to the generation of waste in India and how it is disposed. Surprisingly the government ‘data’ reveals that India even imports prohibited waste which exceeds 50 lakh tones annually and the government of this aspiring ‘waste recycling country’ of the world has no knowledge of the same.

Another important area which showcases the ignorance skills of the government is the homeless people living under flyovers and footpaths, most of whom are outsiders in town for treatment in premier medical institute. I am no statistician just a harried commuter, with 2 god gifted eyes which can see people living on footpaths, using underground water to bathe, all this on my small journey to college; surprisingly these homeless live right next to the ‘National Institute of Health And Family Welfare’.

While power cut prevails; another newspaper report that captured my attention was the situation of Madhya Pradesh with the number of children malnourished being more than 60%.With the integrated child development plans failing, delays in the establishment of aanganwadi’s; MP is in a gory state. Most of us have heard of the employment guarantee scheme which offers 100 days of work to the seasonal unemployed, the deserving are not getting it. Those who get it are paid late or not fully paid.

Here I am in my bed room shamelessly munching on roasted peanuts and these poor MP tribal merely get chapatti with salt; cant swallow my peanuts any more. So next time your mother gives you a boring veggie eat it with content. I’ll definitely do that.

Enough of the newspaper and its sad reports. Haven’t checked my phone since 20 minutes, that’s a lot of time.7 messages and my god it’s a variety friendship, exams and what not. Interestingly 4 messages solely on terrorism. Here we are living in Delhi, our parents working hard throughout the week and on Saturday what do they get-‘Terrorists have entered Delhi, please do not go to crowded places; avoid markets and malls.

The time we get to go out, we get a warning with it.

What has life become, and we say we are free, yes free to go out and get killed!!

All these things disturb me and I am sure they disturb you too. But about this; all we can do is talk , spread awareness after all “baat karne se hi baat banti hai!”