AIESEC Delhi: Youth to Business Forum 2010

Posted on June 9, 2010 in Events

The Youth to Business Forum, a large scale corporate event, was an initiative undertaken by AIESEC in Delhi University and AIESEC in Delhi IIT to bridge the gap between the student and corporate sector. Focusing on discussing “Emerging Trends in Indian Business,” the event saw enthusiasm and participation from an audience of over 200 corporate and student delegates. Presiding over the discussion as Chief Guest was social and political activist, actress and former Miss India, Mrs. Nafisa Ali, accompanied by a corporate panel including the biggest names in Media, Marketing, Education and Fashion : Mrs. Deepa Kapoor, Vice president, Genpact India; Mr. Pradeep Gairola, Vice President, The Times Group; Mr. Ravi Pillai, President Educomp Solutions Limited, India; Mr. Rajiv Tiwari, Former Vice President, Zee News, Mr. Harish Bahl, Founder & Chairman, Fashion and You, along with Mr. Ankur Bansal, Head – New Delhi Institute of Management and an AIESEC Delhi University Alumnus. During the course of the event, emphasis was laid on the ever growing dynamic business environment, entrepreneurs in the 21st century and innovation across various fields in Business.

Mr. Ravi Pillai, President, Educomp Solutions Limited said, “We are a country with a growing Human Resource of 29 million young people every year, however have the capacity to employ a handful of 2.5 million per year, making us question our skilled labour force and employment structure in the country today”

“Young entrepreneur’s today need to weigh trade offs involved in venturing into a business or acquire work experience before setting up an empire. The trade off involved between working at a fixed salary and enjoying job security benefits, sometimes thins down the chances of starting something new” said Mr. Rajiv Tewari, Former Vice President of Zee News. Mr. Harish Bahl stated how the social media revolution has changed the way business houses operate, giving rise to an economic boom, highlighting how business’s that were not thought of as lucrative in the past have now become the top profit making businesses across the world. On the same note, Mr. Ankur Bansal reflected on a macro economic level, talking of how businesses today work on a simple yet innovative model of marketing. When traditional methods of selling reaped unviable sales, innovative methods of product packaging and marketing brought about a revolution in the sales in the early 21st century.

The panel bought about the importance of the youth in business today stating that it is not the young who need business but business houses that need them. Apart from drawing an analogy between traditional media and digital media, highlighting how both were not mutually exclusive but in fact mutually inclusive, Mr. Pradeep Gairola, Vice President of The Times Group stated, “People below the age of 30 years have the maximum potential. Youngsters should not be afraid to take risks as a failure in a particular field does not close doors to the endless opportunities lying ahead.” On the same issue, Deepa Kapoor, Vice President CSR, Genpact said, “ Young people should not be apprehensive about taking the first step because there is no dearth of talent in this country, investors are willing to bank upon young minds, and even if things don’t go as planned, people are given merit for trying.” Mrs. Kapoor also spoke about the importance of corporate social responsibility in Business today and how CSR is an important element determining business policies across top MNC’s in the world today.

With an ever strong position in the global business world and its young minds contributing to it at an increasing pace, India Inc today is an integral part of the global economy. A robust nation like India requires these young minds who have a fresh and innovative outlook to become future leaders tomorrow. It has been a long acknowledged factor that the youth play a huge role in the ever shifting pattern of global economy. The world today, if not by, for and of the youth, has without any doubt accepted the fundamental role that they play in it. AIESEC realized its role and understood the necessity to bring together youth to business so as to develop an integral bond and understanding between the two. The event reached out to about 120 top business houses across the city and a 90 Youth Leaders.
The day ended with a Networking Partner’s Dinner.


AIESEC is the world’s largest and strongest youth run organization, as recognized by the United Nations. It is present in over 110 countries and 1700 universities, encompassing over 45,000 members across the world. Focusing on leadership development, AIESEC offers over 9000 leadership opportunities each year to the youth and facilitates International cultural and exchange Program, which allows over 8500 students each year to live and work in another country. AIESEC is an organization that activates leaders, creating a network of change agents that have a positive impact on society.

The Youth to Business Forum 2010

Venue: Jacaranda Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003
Date: June 4, 2010

Press Conference: 5.30 PM — 6.30 PM
Event: 7.30 PM — 10 PM

DISCLOSURE: Youth Ki Awaaz was a partner for the Youth to Business Forum.