Books to Browse Through Before B-School

Posted on June 5, 2010 in Education

Supriya Rathi:

The keyword in the business world is management. A degree in management opens up transcendental doors for not only corporate aspirants but professionals involved in a plethora of disciplines. Being an MBA aspirant requires a decent level of common aptitude, but what makes you different from the commoners is your intellectual level. Intellect is that which comes from experience and since you cannot possibly have a first-hand experience of everything, books take the place of virtual intellect guides.

When the milieu is filled with students with soaring CGPA’s and other academic records what can make you stand apart as an aspiring MBA is the reading you undergo prior to appearing for the test of intellect. I found the following books of great help in widening one’s perspective towards disparate situations.

The first book I would like to bring to your notice is “Snapshots from Hell — the making of an MBA” by Peter Robinson who used to be a writer at the White House prior to becoming an MBA from Stanford School of Business. The way the author describes the life of an MBA tells us what MBA is actually about if one reads between the lines. It is an excellent book depicting class room traumas and providing hints to all subjects one could encounter at a premier B-School. It also portrays the hazards and benefits of work experience prior to MBA. This book can really help you in deciding whether or not you really are suitable for MBA according to your interests.

Another book which I would suggest for all those who are tempted to know business history is — “Business Maharajas” by Gita Piramal. This book is like a mini bible for all those who wish to have a glance at the sketches of some of the Gigantic Business Tycoons of India viz. Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Vijay Shah, Aditya Birla and few more. This book is not meant for a one time reading in case of beginners as it is full of business world jargons and statistics. Yet this book can serve to be a great insight for those who crave for knowledge of business tactics.

Yet another eye opener is “Sophie’s World” by Joseph Gaarder. This book may sound to be far away from business perspective but if you want to be an MBA you ought to have a wider vision and that is what this book provides you with. The way this philosophical tome has been written is really breath-taking as it compels you to take a dive into a whole new perspective of the world. The essential awareness required in a person to be able to manage large organizations comes from experiencing a book like this.

Few other books which can prove to be of help for those aiming to become outstanding managers are – ‘Tao Of Physics’ by Fritzof Capra , the very famous ‘The Godfather’ and books by Salim Rushdie like ‘Midnights Children’.

For those who need to increase their reading speed Norman Lewis’s ‘How to read better and faster’ can prove to be of immense support. B-School is no cakewalk but being armed with the knowledge of the right treatises makes the race easier.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.