Child Prodigy: Dream of Indian Parents

Posted on June 10, 2010

Roli Verma:

It is a common sight to see a cranky and ill-mannered kid lose his temper over his favourite candy or outfit. On such occasions, parents howl at their children as it embarasses them in public places. Kids are scolded when they commit mistakes or misbehave. But what about parents? Are they scolded when they throw tantrums?

These days, Indian parents have a lot of reasons to throw tantrums.They suffer great agony when their child loses a mark for grammatical mistake or their budding singer is voted out in a reality show on national television.
The expectations that indian parents have from their children are sky high.They want their kids to be the ‘best ‘
in everything and pressurise them to excel! As a result, they live frenzied lives and their schedules are crammed up. A 9 year old goes to school comes back and rushes for tuitions.This is not all.They have to go for extra curriculars which is not exciting or relaxing because they are expected to win every time. Where is the time for leisure? Consequently, kids are stressed today. There was a time when stress was meant for oldies. However today even a 15 year old takes medicines for diabetes! Times have really changed.

Parents have forgotten that their child is a human and not a horse in a race. They want their child to learn everything in a jiffy. They fail to understand that in academics and sports one cannot see results instantly and lose their calm. They demotivate their own kids and even pull their children out of losing games.

In popular TV shows also, parents are so seriously involved that they lose their temper when their child is voted out or shed tears to change the decision of the judges. No wonder, Indian parents are the second most worst behaved in the world according to a recent survey.There is an urgent need to make parents calmer. I guess yoga might help! So that they understand let them learn at their own pace because every child is different and ‘the best’ in his/her way!!!

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