Chocobiz: A Booming Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Aspirants

Posted on June 26, 2010 in Business and Economy

Tanaya Singh:

It started with a single cocoa bean a few centuries ago, grew up into a famous drink and then after thousands of tactics and techniques, the world got its first wrapped chocolate bar from Hershey. Since then and hereafter, all that the chocolate industry has got and will get; is continuous overall development. Along with the pioneering nations like America, chocolate industry in India also is aiming for the pinnacle over the past years. Chocobiz is a “sweet” venture that can be referred to as evergreen for businessmen all around the globe. With the sales soaring higher than ever before, the chocolate industry today has lucrative entrepreneurial promises in stock.

The chocolatiers in India have made the industry successful by bringing it up to a value of rupees 6500 million with a gigantic commercial esteem. We have two major players competing in the market. Cadbury India is the leading head with 70%of the market share. Nestle entered late into the venture but is the second largest chocolate industry in India. Amul also is one of the trusted names in business. While Cadbury has the most loved brands like perk, gems, five star and dairy milk among many more, in its name; Nestle introduced the international brands like Kit Kat and Lions in the country.

With an objective of seeing a Cadbury in every pocket, this is the oldest and visibly the strongest organisations contending in this field. Cadbury has the largest market share in India as compared to any other country. The operations of this organisation are the largest as well as the cheapest in Asia.

The choice of consumption keeps changing with time and mood of the customers. But be it either a chocolate bar, a drink, a cake or a biscuit, chocolate has remained in demand forever. One of the many talked about and lovable zooms in the Cadbury products was the “chocki” being sold at a price point of Rs. 2. This liquid chocolate segment was the biggest boost for Cadbury and the other companies as well. With the two rupees concept, chocolate was accessible in the rural areas where it was considered to be a luxury earlier. The commercial hype of the perk and munch pops introduced by Cadbury and nestle respectively was another smooth advancement in the industry.

For a long time, Cadbury and nestle were the only establishments in this field. But the competition will escalate from now on as international companies like Mars and Hershey are entering into the Indian market for good. The US based charity owned confectionary-Hershey, brought up the joint venture in India by merging with Godrej. Godrej Hershey, the alliance established in 2007, was initially concentrating only on the supply of food and sugar confectionary products in India. It has now planned to embark into the chocolate section which is the main business of Hershey worldwide. This shall be a severe challenger for the domestic leaders with chocolate syrup already introduced into the game.

So it’s certainly not early to say that the era when fine dark chocolate was only a gift from abroad is long gone. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs today are setting up the trend of bringing home the fine art of chocolate making. They pursue the knowledge required for successful endeavour in this regard. One of the few brave hearts on this tract is Sanjiv Obhrai, who opened his first boutique Chocolatiers in Delhi. A cognoscente in the choco arena, Obhrai decided to take a break from his garment business and went to Spain to get his staff trained from the best available facilities. What seemed like impossibility in the beginning has now turned out to be a famous destination for many in the capital.

The scarcity of more such people is the lack of trained professionals and better courses in India, and the fact that everybody cannot afford an elite international course. The best available option in India is the chocolate academy established by Barry Callebaut, which offers a course at par with the international standards. Starting your own venture in the chocolate field is never cheap, but then the gains are high as well.

So if you have a chocoholic hidden within you, go out and show your passion. You’ll be doing good to the nation for sure. Who knows, maybe one day, yours will be the leading names in the industry.