Coaxing Oneself Out of Life’s Complexities

Posted on June 30, 2010

Mridang Lodha:

It’s around 3 and a half on the digital clock, and I’m in no mood to sleep, just watched “Wake up Sid”, and this indeed is a nice flick. Don’t know really much what to do. Have the laptop in the hand, in an intellectual mood as well, I so wish to write something now, but i guess I’m pretty well not so sure what to write and where to start from. May be this confusion is the price I’m paying for not being able to write for so many days. From love to human happiness to probably the new RTE Act, I can probably pen down my ideas on any arena across the various subjects available right now, but confusion I guess turns us; the youngsters on, and I guess the youth has a far deeper connection with “CONFUSION”, than most people take it to be. I long put myself into the habit of writing because of getting confused, and discovering my answers through the haphazard maze of words I used to build; much alike today when I’m sitting on my bed, uselessly pressing the keyboard keys to at least keep my thoughts from being lost. I don’t know if the keystrokes will furnish into a nice and sensible (read “worth-reading”) piece of work but all I want is to express, and I guess that’s more than reason enough for me to keep on tapping the keys.

Confusion breeds order in life (Pun not intended, but no offence if you take one). You know most times in life when you are confused, life and people pass a smile at you, not so friendly though, but I guess doing it the other way round is far better and makes you feel good about it; why wait for others to smile at you, next time when you are confused, try it out – try and smile at yourself for being confused. Don’t get irritated, no frustrations about inductiveness. Just plain simple smiles for all those who seem so focussed in life, but yet are always tangled in the web of the rat race, smile at them, and show them how confusion helps. A little bit of confusion each day just only gives you an opportunity to look at things differently, a small bit of time, in this fast paced life to stop, pause and think. Think all that your personal supercomputer (read “Human Brain”) can process, working faster than any other Intel processor yet discovered can. Let your mind enjoy Cerebral Masturbation as well (Must be sounding exciting to you?). It’s well deserved and needed; probably one of the best rewards you can gift yourself. I just intend to provide you with a stimulus, if you have got it as yet, so stop reading and think on your own. This is just the stimulation, you need to work on your own for the pleasure; remember life gives nothing for free.

I recently got a message form one of my friends. Let me try it on you ask you. A boy with 6 fingers was called Rahul. WHY? Think, THINK, THINK HARDER, and got the logic? As simple because his name was Rahul(wasn’t it simple), and indeed it was lame initially, but it was this that drew my attention to the fact that we are almost caught each moment in life, trying to decipher hidden meanings or getting a deeper insight into things. I know most of you would have started to put the logic behind the name Rahul; frankly admitting even I did. The answer was simple, but maybe being so focused and intellectual, we probably are so lost in the race of success, that we don’t anymore pay much attention nor do we enjoy small things in life.

Waste time, have a dinner at Chandni Chowk at strike of midnight, take an auto, rush to India Gate, rush back to your house, jump, shout, enjoy. Life gives you only one chance to be happy; when you exercise it you become happy. And when you don’t, you are welcoming sadness. When life throws lemons at you, don’t get sad if you don’t like lemonades. You should be happy enough to be a part of a competitive market. Go out, sell out those lemons, get your favourite fruit, and enjoy. “Consumer is the boss in a completely competitive market” (And I have no idea what significance the last line makes, Kindly bear with it).

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