Common Syllabus for Equality of Opportunity

Posted on June 2, 2010 in Specials

Nishanth Lokanath:

I was a common guy; one among you with no idea about what to do after class 10th. When you have such doubts I believe you have 3 ways to get to a solution.

1) Discussion with your parents
2) Following your instincts
3) Just following the herd !!!

I took up the third option and ended up being an engineer!

Engineering has been a wonderful journey for me not academically but instead because of an independent hostel life and friends that I will treasure for life. Four years back I thought I was a special guy when I made it to one of the universities of national importance. Alphas and betas started haunting me from Day One. Friends on a common tangent of thoughts came together. Very soon I had my own gang.We played, hogged, fought over the beautiful girls on campus and literally spoke about everything nonsensical under the sun. One among them was staring at us but we never realised it.We have heard lots about equality (politicians talk every now and then about it), democracy’s cries for equality etc…

But the very basic system called education has no equality.We have different boards teaching science to students at different competitive levels. We have a Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) that is said to be far more competitive than the state boards. In fact most of the students on my college campus where from CBSE board and it is the same case with the IITs too. To top it all we can also find communities on orkut and Facebook which read ” I am from CBSE which means I am better than you people from state boards”.

The system tends to be biased. People with more money than others enroll their wards to CBSE and ICSE schools whereas the others are satisfied with or rather have no option other than the state. It is a welcome move by Mr. Sibal to introduce a common science syllabus in the nation. This would ensure a common fair platform to students with regard to the entrance examinations with no added advantage. It is a big move that will help our children grow in a competitive environment. I cannot think of any reason why it should not be pressed for at the top most level.