Commonwealth Games: Changing the face of Delhi University

Posted on June 13, 2010 in Society

Mridang Lodha:

Delhi has been honoured and is being given the chance of hosting one of the biggest sporting events across the globe, the commonwealth games 2010. For a long time this fact has been in the news. Also, the preparations for the gala event have been under the public eyes with the help of the Media.

Delhi is changing. One of the few famous destinations on the map of Delhi; although not much of a tourist destination, but of grave importance has been a part of the change as well: The Delhi University.

The changes have been welcomed despite the fact that they have also created unwanted trouble and inconvenience to the students in the university and also the residents of the adjoining area.

DU like other technical universities isn’t blessed with a huge infrastructure for each college. And even the available resources aren’t in a very good state. But the commonwealth games have brought in large changes in the University as a whole.

Starting with the practice matches, the campus fields of various colleges have been leased to the government for development of proper infrastructure pertaining to specific sports and their practice matches; for instance the ground at Shri Ram College of Commerce has been given for Wrestling Matches. Although students haven’t been able to use the fields for a long time, but the changes would be worth it.

Also, the DU hostels would be modernized for the stay of the tourists and participants of the Games, and hence have been evacuated for the session 2010-11. The students have been denied this facility and this is causing a number of issues amidst them regarding their food and lodging.

The work is also causing a lot of inconvenience. A lot of road traffic is being disturbed by the pits dug up on the road. Also the drains have been disturbed and opened up for repair, pavements are being rebuilt.

The greater association of the Games and the Commonwealth Volunteers rises from the students working as volunteers during the event. A huge lot of students have gone through a rigorous process to get selected. Also they will be duly trained and taught the necessary skills. They shall be handling various aspects from hospitality to conveyance, from accommodation to event organizing, and a lot more.

Thus in totality the commonwealth games is changing the face of Delhi University, and is doing it for all the good as far as it seems. What are your views? Do let us know by dropping a comment in the comment box below.