Gyaneshwari Mishap: How Many More Left?

Posted on June 1, 2010 in Politics

Sutikshan Garg:

The country could not even forgot the last incident of Dantewada, Chattisgarh and another incident came as a shock to the nerves of the common masses. The planned derailment of Mumbai-bound Gyaneshwari Express clearly delineates the aspirations of the Naxalites. The wisdom that they had poured into the plan reveals the improved levels of their mind and technology. They are neither less in resources nor in funds to undertake such actions that dismantle the local harmony. Rather, their actions leave an everlasting impact on the common minds. With the available human resources, the naxalite movement is in full swing in India.

It has occured several times when the naxalite terrorists have outwitted our policemen and authorities and the latter remain crying over the split milk. The recent train mishap speaks volumes about the efficiency and intelligence of the naxalites.

Steps should be taken before hand so that we dont have to face the internal as well as international criticism. The role that these kind of accidents play in darkening the image of a country on any level is beyond measure.

Government had promised several times that the people will be safe, but the result is evident. It is needless to point out here that when the time of election comes, politicians can be seen even in dirtiest and filthiest of the places in our country but when the need to help the common man arises they disappear faster than air.

The question still remains, are we a democracy or a mockery?

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.