I don”t want chocolates and toys, she said…

Posted on June 10, 2010 in Society

Tanaya Singh:

This is for all the proud mothers of beautiful daughters around the world. This is for the ladies who wanted to protect their girls more than their lives. This is for that desire in the heart of women to polish the replica of their soul like diamonds. And this is for the moms, who, at this moment, are trying to cajole their girls to sleep with the help of stories, but are having a hard time solving their numerous doubts. What answers do you have when your daughter does not understand the antediluvian stories of devils, and angels, and princes, and demons? Do you sit and wonder or do you come up with another story when she wants to see the clear picture of paradise and Satan? Do you have real life examples to cite for her to make her believe in the things you want to tell her? Do you have an explanation to the question “Why do people become bad?” “Where do fairies live?” “Is God stronger than Satan?”… and the queries go on endlessly.

I think you should concoct a fairy tale for each and every doubt of hers. You should paint her imaginations with a verisimilitude of radiant colours. Because once she grows up, she’ll have this huge world filled with fanatics, zealots, jingoists and bigots to taint those colours with reality. Realities which hit hard again and again and hurt the fragile heart. Realities which are thrust into the innocent mind. And realities which crush the happy soul.

“A 45 year old man raped a one year old girl in Amritsar.”

As soon as she listens to news like this, all her thoughts will be clear. A girl for whom the devil, and Satan, Ravana and the fiend were difficult things to understand will finally know that she has been living in their world all this while. Henceforth she will fear the garden which she thought was Eden. From now on she won’t trust a single stranger on the face of the earth. Today and for all the days of her life, she will be immured by her fears.

What should be done with men like these? Do they have the right to be classified as men? How can we even think of filing a case against cynical rapists like them? They should be killed straight away….as soon as they are caught. I agree that every case should be solved in an orderly fashion. But then law and order are made for human beings and not for misanthropic demons in the form of men. What is the point of wasting time over such criminals? Is there any use of a report, a court case and uncountable dates? By the time he is punished, the girl’s parents are already dead. If our mythology justified the killing of demons then and there, why do we spare these belligerent beings? I am not talking about those cases where the authorities do not have a clear idea about the crime. I am talking about the open and shut cases, about the criminals caught red handed.

The thought of a year old girl being raped gives goose bumps to the toughest hearts. Such a heinous and egregious deed deserves a single punishment. Such a person has no damn right to stand in the court of law. He should be hanged to death right away, without any second thoughts. This is a small change that the law structure of our country demands. If we let these people move freely, then nobody will ever think twice before committing such a crime. And all we will do is sit in our drawing rooms safely locked up, watch the headlines which shall feature a few more rape cases and pray to God to keep us safe. Living with a dread of this level, is simply not worth it. So here’s what the girl wants from the Lord…

I don’t want chocolates and toys she said…
Just take the man whose hands are all red…
I feel safe in paradise and I want to stay with you…
Punish him for his sins, I was killed… kill my murderer too.
I don’t need candies and cookies so sweet,
Just go to my dad and touch his feet…
Help him to be strong and fight till the end,
Tell him to win and break the trend.

image: http://www.indiadaily.org/entry/kacker-committee-recommends-fresh-guidelines-to-restrict-child-abuse/

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