In Search of Nowhere

Posted on June 1, 2010

Tanaya Singh:

I sometimes go to sleep,

with the fear that I shall sweep,

into the same swampy lake,

of thoughts that keep me awake.

My mind has wandered away like this,

many times into doom or bliss.

But today it is lost like never before,

I look at the clock, its quarter past four.

I know somebody is waiting for me,

I had promised to meet him at three.

But I won’t be able to go today,

“I’m sorry”, this is all I can say.

Please remember that you’ll always be,

the centre of my universe.

For now, my soul is not with me,

you can be angry….you are free to curse.

Walking on this nameless street,

I wonder what could it be….

that I have been searching for all day.

A left or a right….which one’s the correct way.

A twist, a turn, a corner and a lane….

well….is this the way I came??

A phase, a vein, a gush of blood and a maze….

did I just escape a very piercing gaze??

It’s already dark…but I’m not afraid,

is this really me or someone else….?

By now I know you might have gone….

I’ll meet you tomorrow for sure, at dawn.

I need to rush back home…

I am all tired and worn.

But where shall I get a cab,

I’m so bad at directions….I need a map.

What if I never find the right key….?

What if I never am what I wanna be??

It was this fatal thought that made me cringe….

feels like I am falling and I don’t have a hinge.

All of a sudden I woke up with a start,

I am glad I escaped before the bitter part.

Here, there and everywhere,

I now know this was the everlasting search of nowhere.

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