India”s Relationship With Politics

Posted on June 24, 2010 in Politics

Shweta Bhalla:

Politics has always been a lost hope of sorts for us Indians. We, the common people, have always tried to stay away from the ‘kursi ka chakkar’. We oh-so-happily cast our votes on the day of election, but seemed to have resigned to the fact that no matter which government forms, they are all going to be the same and nothing much will ever be done for us. So we tried our best to distance ourselves from those murky waters, preferring to sit in the comfort of our homes and discuss the disapproving state of the Indian politics. We have always been involved with the politics, but from a comfortable distance. Oh yes, we discuss it with the morning tea, we catch up on it with the newspaper, we still talk about it with our colleagues and friends and we still again listen to it on news. But for us, it was always something to be seen and discussed, and nothing we would do anything about!

But the grounds are changing, and it is happening slowly. For the first time ever, few years back, people started believing that ‘they’ too can make a difference in the government if they want to do so. So what if they are not the rulemakers themselves, they still have the right to question the government. This vast public opinion was captured by congress which emerged to be the government for the people and of the people. Common people, their needs and aspirations were given an upper hand in their policies. And this led to the increased involvement of people in the same. Now, instead of the resigned tones of contempt, there is a hope. People discuss the same issues with vigour. The elections are not just about voting for any party anymore, but they are about making informed choices, that will give a direction to our future.

Politics doesn’t just remain the stronghold of the middle aged people, but we see the youth being actively involved in the issues that concern the nation. In fact, they do everything possible to be aware of all the changes taking place around them. The topics of discussion amongst us are slowly shifting towards the relevant issues. We know that we can make a difference, and don’t shy away from getting our point across. It could be something as small as a candle-light march opposing the current stand of the government, but it definitely shows the fact that ‘we know-and we care’. And the times when the government could easily get anything done of us have passed.

In this age of information when every news, every information about any topic is just a click away, courtesy internet, Indians are definitely making good use of this opportunity. From the run-up to the commonwealth games, to the analysis of the Exit Polls; from discussions about the Women’s Reservation Bill to the effects of Nuclear Liability Bill on the common people; we do it all.

We just don’t question anymore, but have the solutions ready with us. We have a vision too. Gone are the days when we would just sit back and let the politicians deal with the country the way they wanted to. Now, well informed as we are; if we are not satisfied, we question – we demand – we participate – we act. And for once, we know that the power is with us and we can make the change we want to see!