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Indian Politicians on Twitter — The Twitternama of the Politico

Posted on June 14, 2010 in Specials

K. Shravya Rav:

This world is so small. It is fast shrinking… I think it must be the global warming” said a friend of mine. I don’t know much about that fact but social networking and micro-blogging sites have definitely made the world small and has brought people closer. Mention of social networking and twitter comes instantly to your lips. “Are you on twitter/facebook?” is one of the most asked questions these days.

This twitter bird has taken everybody by its wing. It has taken blogging and networking to a different altitude altogether. Not only the common men but also our politicos couldn’t help themselves but fall into the twitterverse (twitter universe).

Here is a compilation of few prominent politicos on twitter >>

Going by the popularity ratings, the 44th President of the USA is the tweetheart (twitter sweetheart) with a mind blogging 4,237,946 followers from around the globe. He has been a trendsetter for all the fellow politicians in the twitter world. He serves you with instant news regarding policies adopted. One can find issues concerning his administration being debated as well. Realizing twitter’s immense potential, this man saw to it that he is widely accepted by promoting himself on it.

It is with Obama’s inspiration that even our politicians have taken to the twitterati (bilateral ties with USA eh?).

The most followed Indian politician on twitter (no prizes for guessing) is the controversy- smitten Shashi Tharoor. Ever since his cattle-class controversy his follower base has increased multifold. His following cannot be attributed to the controversies alone though. He is a regular tweeter who believes in constant interaction with people. His outspoken attitude on the matters he strongly believes in has won him many admirers but he could not save his skin from being constantly embroiled in controversies.

Another popular name in the twitter family is the CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi (not verified). He is one such politician who has got a huge fan base both among the masses and the tweeple (twitter people). With 33,508 followers, he definitely is the ‘face of Gujarat’. One can find him toying hard to establish Gujarat as one’s dream destination.

S.M.Krishna, the Foreign Minister of India is the other one to join the bandwagon. This tech-savvy candidate from Bangalore- south is seen discussing civic matters and day-to-day problems with the people of his constituency. He, through his tweets, has urged people to exercise their vote.

Here’s another tweeter- Subramanian Swamy, the Janata party leader. This man doesn’t mince words and speaks his heart out which perhaps, hasn’t gelled well with his fellow politicians. While some appreciate him for his outspokenness there are others who criticize him, but being the man he is, he has taken both in his stride.

One of the very few female politicians on turf is Mallika Sarabhai (read her interview with Youth Ki Awaaz here), who stood as an independent candidate from Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Her versatile resume attracts many followers.

Our leaders with their witty one liners have garnered support but it is not the mere words but actions that people expect. In the end it is all about communicating your thoughts/views in just 140 characters where there are frank questions and candid answers. So, welcome to the world of Politweecs.